Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Things to do With Dogs in Chicago: Watching the Chicago Marathon

One of the best parts about living with pups in the city is that we can combine our dog walks with events that are fun for both us and the pups.
I spent 6 years running the Chicago Marathon, and since I've stopped running I always thought it was important to still go and support the runners.
And this will also be the 6th year that the pups have gotten up in the wee hours of Sunday morning to go out and watch the marathon:
We love that the marathon is an event for the whole city. An estimated 1 million spectators (plus Miss M and Mr. B!) line the 26.2 miles across the city with mariachi bands, dancing dragons, singing Elvi and plenty of costumes and crazy signs.
The pups have come prepared in full gear (even that time we let them pick their outfits themselves!) to bring cheer to the marathon runners.
We usually stand at Mile 14, which can be a tough one, so it's fun to see the runners smile when they see the pups. We had a lot of people who recognized them (thanks for saying hi!), jumped out of the race to meet the pups, and we even met a woman who met them during the race last year, so she decided to run the race for pitbulls this year (!!). She had it written on the back of her shirt.
The pups gave out smooches, and normally grumpy Miss M was flashing her smile.
We know how much harder it is for the last runners to be out there so long, especially when all of the spectators are packing up or have left already.
So we always make sure the stay to the very end to support the runners that might be just ahead of the Sanitation Truck.
After all of their cheering, Mr. B felt like he had run his very own marathon.

Dapper Mr. B and "Grumpy Butterfly"
The time they gave us these.
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bigalrlz said...

It always makes my morning to see a post from you all. Have a great day!

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a fun day. You guys go to more events than mom does BOL
Lily & Edward

OG said...

Kudos to you and Mr. B and Miss M for staying at Mile 14 till the end! What a good deed that is!

Jacquelin Cangro said...

Reggie and I went out to support the runners for the Brooklyn half marathon this past weekend. We had a great time cheering them on.

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