Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pooches: Mr. B's Stuffy Confusion

People usually know Mr. B as the one that loves his stuffies so much.
Even "Creepy Baboon".
While we try to keep his collection neatly stored away, he is always unpacking them to surround himself with his best friends in his lair by the fireplace.
Now with Baby K, (who Miss M still thinks is our new foster dog), our biggest concern was figuring out how to teach Mr. B the difference between his stuffies and Baby K's stuffies.
Pre-baby, we met with Rendy from Anything is Pawnable to learn a strategy.
Since dogs can't reason, the biggest difference is by scent. When Baby K gets new toys, we can mark them with a dab of Listerine so the pups can start to recognize there is a difference.
It's also a good idea to get stuffed toys that are different than Mr. B's typical stuffies.
Though we would like to say that the giant dinosaur and the giant polar bear were for Baby K, I admit that I have been eyeing these giant stuffed animals for awhile, especially the giant dinosaur.
We never had a reason to have these in our house, until now. They were actually our first few purchases for Baby K's arrival, even before the crib, bassinet, clothes and diapers.
Though we didn't expect Mr. B to do this when we unboxed them.
Which also happened with the dinosaur.
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OG said...

Is that before they had Listerine on them? Love the giant dinosaur! So many dog beds you have!

kasia077 said...

This made my day! HAHAHA!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my Hilarious !! Drag huge stuffie right to your bed
Lily & Edward

Dz Dog Mom said...

I love that dinosaur stuffie!! Baby K is so cute!

Laura said...

Love this about Mr. B and his stuffies, and of course, Baby K! So good to see all of you!

Unknown said...

So adorable, love the pups. Thanks for the post!

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