Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pooches: Mr B's Tepee Dilemma

For Spring Break week we decided to take a bit of a break ourselves while revisiting some of our favorite posts. This was one of our favorite posts back when Miss M didn't realize Mr B's tepee even existed.
There once was a dog named Mr. B.
Mr. B had crate anxiety, but he still liked having a place to hang out.. Now he lives in a tepee. 
He likes the tepee because he can hide all of his favorite stuffies and himself.
Since the tepee blends in so well, Miss M never even realized it existed:
Until one day she day she did realize:
 She enjoyed taking naps in the tepee:
And she moved in her girly things:
So now Mr. B is thinking of ways to take back his tepee. Does he need more 'dude-like' pillows? Should he get a sign on the front that says Mr. B? How else can he personalize his tepee?

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5 comments: said...

He needs to do like every other man in the US and get a sign that says 'Man Cave'! Men everywhere swear by it!

Kate said...

I think this sign will do it: :)

My Dog Barry said...

So funny! I love this! Mr. B's got to do something to stake his claim!

I am doing a post right now about Barry redecorating our home to his taste. Perhaps Mr. B could check in this Friday to get some tips from Barry.

Mr. Pip said...

I remember this post. Just as adorable the second time around!

Danny D said...

Poor Mr. B... can't even enjoy his own bachelor pad...:(

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