Monday, April 14, 2014

SociaBulls: The "Underground World" of Pit Bull Owners

For Spring Break week we decided to take a bit of a break ourselves while revisiting some of our favorite posts. This was one of our favorite SociaBulls posts where we expose the 'hidden underworld' of pit bull owners:
On our last walk, one of our Chicago SociaBulls friends was joking about how everyone has this vivid, distorted impression of the hidden underworld of pit bull owners.
In reality, they will probably be surprised to find's just us.
The type of people who are motivated to wake up early on cold weekends, often driving long distances, just to take a walk with like-minded owners:
The type of people who dress our pups in coats, hoodies, snoods, and sweaters just so they'll be comfortable in the cold weather:
The type of people who may not own a pit bull-type dog, but realize they're all just dogs walking together:
The type of people who are toy inventors, lawyers, military veterans, teachers, media geeks, chefs, investors, scientists, social workers, carpenters, PhD's, voters, computer nerds, new moms, recovery counselors, vegetarians, and Chicagoans...just to name a few:
Because we are Chicago SociaBulls. We are pit bull owners and allies. We are the MAJORITY.
If you haven't already, check out this great campaign from Animal Farm Foundation which inspired us and showcases all the amazing, and regular, pit bull owners across the nation. And a great write-up from one of our friends here.

So, who else is part of this 'hidden underworld'? 
We love seeing how diverse pit bull owners and allies are, how would you fill in the blank?  And will you be submitting to the project?

Another 'Where's Waldo-ish" photo from our walks here . Can you spot Miss M and Mr. B?
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Unknown said...

Majority- Hotel Manager and A Chef- engaged couple, married this September... Foster parents to many lost dogs and many dogs from local rescues. <3

Unknown said...

We're a Pharmacist and a CPA, married 25 years. A 100 lb bully mix owns us, he came to our daughter's house as a stray about 6 years ago. Love him!!

Andrea Joy said...

I love this post. It always cracks me up when people are so shocked to learn that my husband (finance) and I (attorney) have a pit bull!

My Dog Barry said...

I never understood that there was such a stigma about what types of people own pitties. I just didn't pay attention. Then in December of 2013 we brought home Barry and he changed our life and our minds about everything. I see the look people give me when they ask what kind of dog I have and I tell them he's a pit mix. They look at me and my husband like we're in over our heads! My husband is in corporate finance at a major Chicago hospital and I work at an investment banking firm downtown.

I have met so many pit mix owners in these last few months with Barry and I realize that we're all invested in our babies and want the very best for them. I love changing people's minds about what a pit owner can look like. I enjoy seeing people realize that Barry is a big, goofy baby so they reach out to pet him and fall in love. We change ourselves and we change people as they become aware that we are just like them in so many ways. They become aware that we are not what they imagined a pit bull owner to look like, but instead they relate to us as professionals, home owners, and just regular folk.

Great post. Very meaningful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! While we don't have pitties we've got two larger dogs and we are allies!

Lindsay said...

I love this! I've been following this campaign by AFF, and I think it's so important. We just have to let go of the myth that most pitbull owners are somehow bad or different.

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