Friday, April 4, 2014

The SmoochaBulls

Though we often show in the videos, Miss M and Mr. B smooching new and old friends,
it is a very different story when we are alone.
Though the pooches love to smooch us whenever we are within smooching distance, I actively seek out the pooches to lay a big one on their furry heads.
Though I never had stuffed animals, I imagine that our lovable SmoochaBulls are just like stuffed animals, only alive.
While A believes that she is my most smooch able member of our household, she is unaware that when she isn't looking I'm smooching our pooches' fuzzy lunkhead, kissable little button noses and rosy cheeks. Don't tell A, but the pooches are my most SmoochaBull members of our household, especially Mr. B.
If you have SmoochaBull pooches, please share your SmoochaBull photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


OG said...

I love the look on Miss M's face while Mr. B is getting smooched!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ahhhhj some buddy is lovin all the attention
Lily & Edward

Miggsie said...

Thanks for sharing about the more "intimate" side of your relationship - love all the smooching photos! I am also a huge fan of kissing our pooches and letting them kiss me, except when they've just eaten something unmentionable. :-)

Laura said...

This is such a delightful and fun post! Our pups, along with Miss M and Mr. B, are irresistible and you just have to kiss them! We LOVED meeting the four of you last June, and we're excited to see the picture of David getting a smooch from Miss M! :)

Anonymous said...

Miss M and Mr. B are positively smoochable and I don't blame anyone for wanting to plant a big kiss on either of them. I'm guilty of smooching on Boomer and Dottie, and if I'm not careful get smooched back!

Irina said...

I would smooch Mr. B any day!
And I do smooch-a-bull of my own, and I hope he loves it as much as I do.

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