Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pooches: Shrinking Mr. B

For Spring Break week we decided to take a bit of a break ourselves while revisiting some of our favorite posts. This was one of our most memorable and referenced posts.
Without any markers to show the passage of time, it seems like our pooches' signs of aging come out of nowhere. Sure we can have noticed graying in Miss M's ears, but since Mr. B is already gray it's more difficult to tell. Just the other week we had to doubletake as it seemed like Mr. B was looking a bit gaunt. We didn't think much of it and just started feeding the pooches a little bit more at each meal. 
Much to their delight.
It was only after running into our friend and his dog that he mentioned the gauntness too and we realized that Mr. B is really getting old. Our friend reminded us of his pit bull, Ditka, that lived to be 17 years old. The first thing he said he noticed when Ditka was getting older was the loss of muscle mass. Now it is impossible to notice that Mr. B is getting smaller.
And though I try with all my might to hold onto him to keep him from shrinking, I am coming to the realization that one day I will have to let him go.
Until that day, Mr. B and I will continue to have our grand adventures everyday.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

It's the hardest thing ever!
Lily & Edward

Anonymous said...

I always say that you notice the 7 year to 1 at the beginning and then again as they get older. You don't notice it as much in the middle. But the later years, ahhhhhh, those a the beautiful ones. The ones where the love is so deep and lovely.

bigalrlz said...

Reminds me of my favorite quote: "The Days are Long, but the Years are SHORT" Gretchen Rubin

Barbara said...

I don't like to think about it. Just enjoy every day as if it were his last. It's the worst, hardest thing ever to make that decision.

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