Monday, January 28, 2019

Pooches: On Sibling Rivalry

Sometimes photos only tell part of the story.
Like this photo. You would think Toddler K and Mr. B were best friends.
But really, it's more like a sibling rivalry.
Right after this photo was taken, Toddler K decided to shriek really loud declaring "That hurt Mr. B's ears."
Toddler K doesn't have siblings. So, he has his rivalry with Mr. B.
When we want Toddler K to finish eating, sometimes we bribe him with dessert.
He doesn't care.
But if we tell him we are going to give the rest to Mr. B, he suddenly gobbles it all up just so Mr B can't have any.
When Toddler K thinks a book is too scary, he gets very excited and says we should go read it to Mr. B.
And when we are petting Mr. B, Toddler K will walk up and demand "Pet me too".
Though the funny thing about it all, is that it is all one-sided. Poor Mr. B remains bewildered and he has no idea there is even a rivalry.

This was how it started.
When Mr. B loved Baby K too much.
The bike they share.
This sums it all up.
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Love the is Mr. B doing without Ms. M. Wish you guys would post more!

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