Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pooches: The Story about How Miss M Learned to Wave

When I first adopted Miss M. she was very wild. Given that she was a "Bully Breed" I knew I needed to keep her disciplined. I was quick to enroll her into training, and since then our lives have changed. Miss M. earned her degree from Anti-Cruelty society where she took Dog Training 201, Trick Training, CGC Prep, and an Intro to Rally class her and E took together. Through these classes Miss M evolved from a crazy pooch into an enthusiastic dog who takes directions well. She learned simple skills like lying down with a single hand motion, keeping a "stay" position for over 3 minutes, and even staying with a bowl of food in front of her and not eating until I give the signal. She also learned fun things like falling down dead when "shot at", rolling over, waving, and even putting her own toys away. These programs are fairly inexpensive and they allow you to retake the 101, 102, and 201 classes for the dog's lifetime. Miss M. really enjoyed the classes. Her favorite part was when they would pick her to be the "model" and do the trick in front of the class. Although, I think she was just in it for the treat.

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