Friday, February 27, 2009

Schwang Manor: Security

A and I stopped by our local Chicago Police Department (CPD) station the other day, because our neighbors and us have noticed some unusual activity going on in our neighborhood. CPD informed us that burglaries have gone up significantly in many areas of Chicago. Apparently burglars are bumping into doors to see if an alarm would go off and break in if they don't hear one. On the front door to our building, we saw all this damage from someone trying to jimmy the lock using a screwdriver or a pry bar. To prevent this from happening again, we installed a latch guard for an in-opening door. In addition, we have installed security strike kits for both our front and back doors. They include these really long, heavy duty screws that makes breaking in through the door a lot harder. One thing to say is that CPD has been really helpful. They informed us about our beat meetings and how they are on trial at these meetings. One police officer even told us to demand a lieutenant to give us his direct number at these meetings and not allow him to give us a different number. Two officers even stopped by the house to follow up with the attempted burglary and gave us some tips on how to deter potential burglars, such as installing a latch guard. They even recommended buying an ADT or some other security company's security sign online and post those up around the building, because burglars will usually head down to the next building. Finally, they said that the sound of a big dog's bark is a great deterrent, too bad Ms. M doesn't bark and Mr. B stopped barking.

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