Monday, June 15, 2009

Pooches: Lost and Found

This past Saturday was quite an adventurous one. We received a phone call at 9 am from a friend of ours that was frantic because while she was getting into her car after a jog through Humboldt Park a pit bull jumped into the back seat of her car and curled up to sleep. Before we drove out to help our friend, we called our friend Curtis Scott for some advice. First he told us that the dog was friendly. It would not willingly hop into a person's car and curl up and sleep if it was not friendly. Since he thought the dog was friendly, we should not call Animal Care and Control because the dog might not get claimed in 5 days and get destroyed. So the first thing we did after we met the dog and determined that it was friendly, was take him to the vet to get scanned for a microchip. It was lucky for us and the owner that he was microchipped and the microchip center called the owner and informed her that we have her dog. After a few hours, the owner and the dog was reunited. The owner told us that he has tags and she doesn't know what happened to them. On his collar was the ring for a tag, so the tag was probably ripped off while the dog was lost. At least that was not his only means of identification.

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