Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pooches: Microchip

At first we thought that the dog we found on Saturday was a stray, but we were hopeful we would find the owner because she recently updated her information with Homeagain microchip pet recovery center. So we decided to call Homeagain about Mr. B's information and found out that he was never enrolled in their services. Which would mean that they would have no means of identifying him, even though he is microchipped. We did some research and decided to enroll in the AKC CAR, because of their lifetime enrollment fee of $17.50, as opposed to Homeagain, which is $14.99 per year. So if Mr. B is ever lost, kind people will take him to get scanned and the company would call us to inform us that he has been found. I hope we never have to use the service though.

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