Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chicagoing: Block Party with Zombie Sightings

The pooches were so excited to be invited to our friend S's block party. Despite being a huge city, groups of neighbors do ban together to block off the street for an afternoon of drinking, grilling, and hanging out with the neighbors. Our friend S lives on a popular street in Bucktown; his family has owned their house for over 50 years. We took the pooches and spent the afternoon, and well into the night, hanging out, listening to the live band, and playing that beanbag game. The pooches had a great time being petted, meeting other dogs, and begging for food.
But no matter how cute they looked, the dogs didn't get any of the food.
Here is Mr. B with his new friend Zeus.
On our walk home, we actually had a run-in with hundreds of zombies. We walked smack into the Thriller Zombie Walk which had a thousand people dressed as zombies dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller Album. The parade accompanied us on our walk home, down Damen and through the streets of Division stopping traffic on both sides

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