Monday, July 13, 2009

Chicagoing: West Fest Neighborhood Festival

Here are the pooches enjoying the festivities at West Fest in West Town. This is a great festival, not just because it's in our own hood, but because it really does have something for everyone. It has really good in dependant bands and DJ's for the beer-goer, it has booths, baths and freebies for the pooches, and it has a separate kids section complete with jumping castle, crafts, live music stage, and pony rides. Yes, those are ponies in the middle of Chicago Avenue.Our favorite dog store, Doggystyle, was a sponsor giving out "doggybags" with tons of treats, a FirstAid kit, and tips on keeping your urban dog healthy in the city. They also had a $10 charity dogwash with proceeds going to Greyhounds Only and Alive animal rescues. Mr. B. sat nicely for his bath. Miss M. was too busy trying to drink the water.
The Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue was another sponsor, so there were plenty of pitties roaming around. The pooches were even able to splash around in the water with some pitties they knew from the neighborhood. The pooches were offered lots of treats, received lots of attention, and this was the 3rd best day ever of Miss M's life.

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