Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pooches: Teeth Cleaning

Although we work really hard to take care of the pooches, one of the biggest things we forget about is to take care of their teeth. Dog tooth disease is one of the most common issues facing pets, and it can become the most costly. Professional veterinary teeth cleaning is expensive, and often painful, so it's best to start dental care often and early. So far, during our veterinary exams, the pooches teeth have been ok. To keep it up, we have gotten some chew toys which are abrasive and help keep their teeth clean. We also picked up some delicious beef-flavored toothpaste which can be used in the groves of certain toys, or with a direct brushing. Before brushing your dogs' teeth, start by using gloves and massaging the gums and teeth with the toothpaste. This will allow the dogs to get used to having their teeth touched, especially since their gums and teeth will be sensitive. Eventually you can work up to brushing their teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush--they make them especially for dogs. It took awhile, but now the pooches are used to it. Although, Miss M. still tries to chew on the brush as she's getting her cleaning.

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