Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pooches: The Unforeseen Dangers of Exercise

Given this incident, we made sure to take the pooches for plenty of exercise at the park this weekend. We don't encourage taking Bullies to a crowded dog park, as they will inevitably be blamed if anything goes wrong, but we do know of a "secret" dog park. Other dogs rarely go to this park so we usually have the place to ourselves. Check out the pooches in action:
While the pooches had a good time, Miss M. suffered a casualty of playing too hard. She seems to have sensitive paw pads and when she runs on the pavement too long her paws begin to tear and blister. Unfortunately for us, she was having too good a time to realize she actually hurt her foot. It wasn't until we came home and saw her limping around that we realized what happened. Our vet tech told us we could put neosporin on the wounded area, and if a flap of skin was hanging off we could very carefully cut it off. She kept trying to lick the area, but eventually she was so tired from the day's activities, she just passed out.

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Salon Soca said...

I love that dog park.

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