Monday, September 14, 2009

Pooches: Chicago Canine Rescue Mutt Strut

Because the pooches absolutely love going to dog parties, we herded them up and took off for this weekend's Mutt Strut. The event is a fundraiser for Chicago Canine Rescue; a bully-friendly rescue group. The "strut" was a 1.5 mile walk through picturesque Roscoe Village neighborhood. We don't get up to Roscoe Village enough, but it was nice to see the beautiful houses, fun shops, and multitude of outdoor restaurants.
They had plenty of water stops along the way. Miss M. even made it a point to drink at every single water bowl; she was trying to figure out which one had the best water.
Afterwards all the pooches and people gathered for hotdogs, dog watching, and informational booths. This boxer-pit was at the Trader Joe's booth proudly displaying his Bears jersey and collar. Miss M. bonded with him while begging for some Trader Joe's dog treats.
We met this beautiful American Bulldog-mix who was a Chicago Canine Rescue Alum.
And having awoken that morning to Miss M. chewing on her own nails, we even sprung to get Miss M. a "pedicure".

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