Friday, September 4, 2009

Pooches: Outdoor Protection

Sometimes we forget our dogs have the same needs we do. The first time was when I had taken Miss M. camping, and she was whining about something. I thought she was just being annoying until I found about 50 mosquitoes bites on her stomach. Since then I've been careful to apply a low-deet spray, similar to what you'd get for kids, if we're in high-mosquitoes territory.
I was again reminded about outdoor protection when we saw this dog on the Canine Cruise. Sure some people might laugh about this dog wearing a hat, but short-haired dogs with white fur are prone to getting serious sunburns, and sunburns on dogs can be just as dangerous as they are for humans. Miss M's adoption counselor owned a white pitbull and she told me she was always diligent about applying sensitive skin sunscreen if she knew her dog would be out in the sun. I know our dogs aren't really into wearing hats, so we'll just need to remember to apply their sunscreen when we're applying our own.

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