Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pooches: Miss M. Overcompensates

With her tough-guy looks, Miss M. is often congratulated for being quite the "handsome looking guy". With her femininity in question, we overcompensate by letting her have pink, frilly girl-dog things. It started with her pink collar which we thought was ok because it also has skulls on it.
But as people continue to mistake Miss M. for a boy dog, we just made her all out girly. She eats out of this pink flowered food bowl:
And wears these pink jackets:
She even chose this pink "princess costume" for the Gay Pride parade.
Ironically, people just thought she was a boy dog in drag.


Dottie said...

LOL. Awesome :)

Unknown said...

Mazzy looks better in a tutu than you ever did and I bet she could perform a choreographed dance without looking at the other dancers as a reminder.

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

Annie has the same problem as Mazzy, since she's bigger than Paul (our Mr. B). I've done the same thing dressing her in Pink and Purple and Paul in Blue and Teal. There are a few kids who will ask who's the boy and who's the girl. I prompt them to look at the collars and guess. And they're usually correct. Now why can't their parents do that?

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