Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pooches: Sleeping Dogs

This is how we're woken up each morning. At 6:00, even on weekends, Miss M. will stick her lovely mug on the bed to wake us up so we can feed her breakfast.
And given that the pooches are up bright and early, I just assumed they were like cows who never sleep. But then I read dogs typically sleep 18 hours a day, and are only awake for 6 hours. I began to notice how whenever I looked at them, they really were catching some Z's:
So what do they do when they're awake?
Mr. B. likes to look out the window while Miss M. stares at flowers:
They chew.
They go on walks.
And of course they play. I guess that all can be covered in only 6 hours a day.

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