Friday, October 30, 2009

Pooches: American Bulldogs, Am Staffs, and Pitbulls

Almost every time we take the pooches on the walk, someone will ask if they are twins. The funny thing is they are actually completely different breeds of dogs. Sure, they're both "pitbulls", or types of bully breeds, but from what we can gather, Miss M. is mainly American Bulldog with "traces" of Boxer.
Check out Exhibit A: The webbed feet. American Bulldogs were originally used for bull-baiting and bred to cling to bulls. Miss. M is adept at using her paws to clench things; if you shake hands with her she grabs back and it actually feels like shaking hands with real fingers.
Exhibit B: American Bulldogs can be quite lazy and lethargic around the house. Enough said.
Now we're pretty sure Mr. B. is a full-blooded American Staffordshire Terrier.
These dogs were bred to be stocky and muscular. Just check out Mr. B's biceps:
And he is the only dog that I ever met that has a fully defined buttock:
And as a terrier, he also enjoys chasing rats. A trait that has caused us problems as we walk through our fine city of Chicago.
So even though they are both different breeds, they have started to resemble one another; they're kind of like those couples that start to look alike.

1 comment:

BeadsbyLex said...

Neat! I thought something looked slightly different about Ms. M!

On a side note, it's a bit funny if people ask if they Ms M and Mr B are twins, when they don't look exactly alike. My mom dresses my three sisters alike, and even though they are 10, 6, and 4 years old, people ask if they are triplets! lol

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