Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pooches:Princess M's New Pillow

Miss M. has some very specific sleeping habits; she must always sleep with her head elevated. Even if it looks completely uncomfortable, this is how she prefers to sleep:
Using Mr. B as a pillow:
Or smooshed against the wall:Unfortunately for Miss M, we had to get rid of her favorite head elevating pillow. Mr. B has a habit of scratching to "plump up the pillows" and this time it went too far. He scratched a hole through the pillow and we got rid of it. Unbeknownst to us, Miss M. took it upon herself to find herself a new pillow. She started sneaking out of the bedroom at night, going to sleep on the "forbidden couch", and coming back into the bedroom before we woke up. We finally caught on to her when we found some of the pillows splayed across the floor and telltale brindle hair on the cushions.
We tried a couple of things to keep her from sneaking out, but Miss M. is quite devious and could not be stopped. While at Ikea the other day, we decided to get her a new pillow:It matches our bedroom, her bed, and it seems like she has taken to it quite well. The pillowcase was only about $7 and can be easily removed for cleaning. Princess M. finally has a place to rest her huge head.


Dottie said...

Adorable. The head smushed against the wall looks uncomfortable, so it's a good thing she got a pillow :)

MLaFayette said...

does her neck possibly have a vertebra out of whack that is causing her to have the need to put her head in that position? Was just thinking - I'm a therapist :o) We always go "there" - she's adorable and I LOVE your blog.

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