Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Travel: "She Said" Best of San Francisco

We had such an amazing time eloping in San Francisco; it is now one of our favorite cities. E and I love taking photographs and had "dueling cameras" to capture our favorite moments. Here are some of my highlights:

The vibrancy of The Mission District. This neighborhood has tons of beautiful murals, fruit stands, and great dining. Can you believe we picked up 6 tangerines for only 80 cents?
Eating at Bombay Ice Creamery. I had Cardamom Rose ice-cream; E had Falooda. I wanted to try them all.
The city is really accessible. We took the Muni buses everywhere, and walked everywhere else in between where we were able to admire these amazingly beautiful Victorian houses with intricate details. Much different than the Chicago brownstones and houses in our Chicago neighborhood.
Heading back from City Hall after getting our Marriage License, we stumbled across this French Soul Food brunch spot. The entire place was probably the size of our dining room. E had the oyster scramble; I had the crawfish andouille pot pie with watermelon ice tea. We both thought the crawfish beignet was outstanding.
I loved seeing the original 826 Valencia with its pirate theme. This writing center, founded by Dave Eggers, helps the city's inner-city youth. It sells collections of books, written by the students, and other "pirate-themed" items to raise money for the center, including: a peg leg sizing chart, scurvy begone pills, and designer glass eyeballs. We rented a tandem and biked the hills of San Francisco, across the Golden Gate bridge and into the Mediterranean-esque city of Sausalito. E was our trusty navigator skillfully guiding us up hills and around throngs of tourists. This is what it looked like crossing the bridge:Being in the back I had to have complete trust in E. I couldn't see what we were headed into, or even predict the huge hill we rode down, because the whole time I just saw this:Sausalito was filled with shops for an older demographic, though we did enjoy the ice-cream. The best part was riding the ferry back, passing Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Golden Gate bridge under a setting sun, and the nighttime city landscape.We loved these sourdough clam chowder bread bowls from Boudin Bakery. There was an outpost located in the Macy's right near our hotel, so we were able to make several stops. This was the last meal we shared together right before getting married.
City Hall, and coming home with a husband, was my favorite part:And completing our family:


Lindsay said...

Wow! I've loved looking at all your pictures! Congrats on the wedding and it looks like it was a really memorable time.:)

Kari in Alaska said...

Thats quite the trust riding behind a person on the streets of San Fran!

laura said...

Seeing a city from a bike is much more interesting than trying to drive around. I love the skyline pictures.
My kitty, The Countess von Chlorox (who knows all and sees all) predicts a long and happy marriage for you two (even though you have dogs and not cats!).

Sadie's Mama said...

I know it's been a long time since you posted this about your wedding. My husband and I have two bullies as well, Sadie and Sasha. Boxers! I love reading your stories! I lough because I know exactly what you are saying sometimes, like Ms M sleeping with her head up; Sadie does the same thing:) We also recently got married in our lovely J Crew attire; I think my husband had the same suit and I had a simple long gown that only cost $120 on sale but was the most beautiful and most comfotable thing I've ever worn. Keep writing! P.S. We live in Iowa so we get to come to Chicago often!

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