Friday, May 28, 2010

Pooches: Family Walk

One of my favorite bike blogs, aside from Dottie's Let's Go Ride a Bike, is John Prolly's Prolly is Not Probably. I really enjoy his "A Day in 10 Photos" posts, it is very interesting to get a peek into another person's day. So here is my attempt at describing our very long family walks with 10 photos (though not from the same day). When it is warmer outside, we like to go on what we call "family walks" on the weekends with the pooches. We have three variations, the normal walk (~ 1 mile), our long walk (~2 miles) and our very long walks (~4 miles) which actually spans three neighborhoods. Chicago is such a great city, and it is even better in the spring and summer. It is so nice to see all these people out dining, drinking and just enjoying the weather.

In the city, we have all these parks and on our very long walk we can hang out at the park and either lay out on the grassor sit on the benches by the fountain. One of Ms. M's goal on the walk is to meet new people and usually while we are sitting or laying out, random people will be entranced by her wiggle and say hi.

Though we will never take our pooches to the dog park when it's crowded, it is still fun to see all the people out with their dogs at the dog park.
On the homestretch, we'll pass by about three city blocks of bars and restaurants with outdoor seating. It gives me an opportunity to check out the score to the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and/or Blackhawks game.

Since most of the outdoor dining areas at these bars and restaurants are dog friendly, there are plenty of water bowls out for the pooches

and plenty of opportunity for Ms. M to meet more new people. On the other hand, Mr. B could care less and will just walk through the crowd.

Every so often we'll see a dog tied up to a post or bike rack waiting for his/her best friend to come back.
Since we will never leave our pooches alone outside, we will usually get carryout with one of us waiting outside with the pooches. The poor small dog in this picture sat outside on alert while his owner ate inside.


Anonymous said...

What a very great walkie! But I thinks all those buildings and cars and stuff might skeer me a little bit. I do like the idea of lots of peoples to pet me, though! So that might make up for it.

Thank you for taking me on your walkie with you!

Wiggles & Wags,

Anonymous said...

I envy you! I lived in the city for a year (moved there to avoid having to commute to work every day) and managed to find an apartment within three blocks of my job. I loved walking through the neighborhood and checking out the small shops, restaurants and pocket parks in the area. Mr B and Miss M are very lucky to be able to have such interesting walks.

Rescued Pittie Family said...

That is awesome and what a cool idea.
I think I'm going to try that myself the next time we go out.
Thanks for the great idea!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

What a wonderful family outing!!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

Mack said...

Wow! 4 miles - that is great!
I'm lucky if I get to go down the street and back.


kissa-bull said...

those are furry much great walk you pooches go on. we live neighter near the country or near downtown so one day we'll have to convince the mommish to take ush on a walk around downtown and smell the peemail around there.

pibblw wiggles
the pittie pack

Two French Bulldogs said...

Your city sure does look cool.
Benny & Lily

houndstooth said...

Your walks look like so much fun! Bunny and Blueberry would love every minute of it!

Kari in Alaska said...

those are the same reasons we love walks in our neighborhood :)

Dexter said...

So much to see in your big city. I am glad your humans get take out so that you are not left alone whilst they eat.


Bobby said...

Great photos and we feel we went on your walk with you

1000 Goldens said...

Family walks are the best! That is so nice that there are water dishes throughout your walk too.

Mary said...

Although we normally take Levi to the park to walk, it is also nice to take an extended walk through our beautiful neighborhood to marvel at the big houses and see the people out on the restaurant patios. However, four miles in this weather would kill him. I love the idea of using 10 photos to capture your day.

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