Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pooches: Daily Walk in 10 Pictures 08.11.10

Within the first three blocks of our walk, we ran into P walking little puppy B. Mr. B took this great photo of little puppy b with his camera. P had two pit bulls that passed away recently, Mr. D passed away earlier this year and Ms. G passed away late last year, both lived to the age of 17. He believes one of the secrets to healthy dogs are long walks. We will see him walking his pooches all the time, I believe he walks little puppy b for at least 10 miles each day. We are lucky that we run into him on our walks and we can ask him for advice. Plus, Ms. M has a huge crush on P. Mr. B took this great photo of Ms. M gazing lovingly into P's eyes.
When Wilma was in the pack, she seemed to have calmed Mr. B down, and now that she is in a foster to adopt home, Mr. B's neuroticism is back in full force. We were walking nicely until Mr. B spotted a cat about a 1/4 mile away.
The cat slinked into one of the yards, so Mr. B had to thoroughly check every yard for the cat.
When we got to the end of the block, Mr. B just stood and stared down the block, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cat.
Luckily a lady walked by with a bag of carryout that distracted Mr. B enough to make him forget about the cat.
Then he saw a rat run along the curb and now he was on a new search.
He had to walk along the gutter and check under every car.
Luckily, we came across this squished pigeon on the street that was quite interesting to Mr. B,
and was also of interest to Ms. M.


Anonymous said...

Mr. B is becoming quite the photographer! Sounds like Miss M chose a good person to have a crush on!

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

Cats get my dogs attention everytime! Mr Grover has such a high prey drive, that he thinks he needs to hunt every cat in the neighborhood. Which I totally disapprove of. Grover actually wears a bell so that cats run before he has a chance to get close.
It looks like you guy had a nice walk.

Anonymous said...

Mister B caught some great photos. How is Wilma's foster to adopt going? Are you going to get another foster once she's adopted?

brooke said...

Aww poor Mr B misses his Wilma!
I love his photos! Our friends got one for their cats and dog and when she put it on the dog, she got a shot of her own tongue! hehee

Laura and Hans said...

I hope Mr B doesn't feel the need to roll all over his dead finds! I didn't realize Wilma was gone, I bet she misses your dogs.

The Whitfields said...

Our Lacy does the same thing with cats on our walks, and we have 2 resident felines whom are 3-legged. We have tried to integrate her with Lily & Daisy but it just isn't happening. I wish I knew how to get her to like our felines!

Two French Bulldogs said...

we could smell a kitty kat a mile away
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Action packed walk you had!

Mr. B's photography is starting to challenge human photography quality!

Enjoy sudo walkin with yaz,

RED said...

I really, really enjoy your walk photos - they remind me of my/our urban walks with our dog. Zeus is a lot like Mr. B - he walks great, UNTIL he sees a cat/squirrel and then it's DONE. He'll 'patrol' for another the rest of the walk. Mornings are the worst for squirrels, evenings the worst for cats in our neighborhood. I'm realy working on having him continue to walk even after he sees a squirrel or cat - I keep walking like I never even saw anything - trying to get him to not freak out, and hopefully we'll be able to walk without panic...or not. It IS cute though - Zeus will jump up on a tree and look up (like he's going to climb it) when a squirrel is up there - it's really the only time he jumps and it's really, really cute. Keep up the walk photos - they are too much fun!

houndstooth said...

Mr. B has great photography skills!

I feel your pain. Morgan has recently discovered that the world's stupidest rabbit lives here and she is constantly trying to get us to take her out so that she can stalk it!

Wyatt said...

Nice photo shoot there Mr. B! You and my sister Stanzie would get along great. She is always in hunting mode...


Dexter said...

Gosh Mr. B, you might need to go to cat chasers anonymous or something. You seem a bit, er, focused there my friend.


Kari in Alaska said...

Mr. B sure takes some awesome photos

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