Monday, February 6, 2012

Goodbye, Knox

When I first adopted Miss M, I felt so alone. None of my friends had dogs. I didn't know how to deal with her leash pulling.  Or her over-excitement. Plus, people were getting really sick of my 'Miss M' stories.
Flash forward a couple of years and I found an amazing on-line dog and pitbull community. It has been so helpful sharing resources and stories, while realizing we're all in this together. This is where we met the beyond adorable Knox and his family:
 Reading about their adventures felt so similar to my own. They always referred to Knox as the pup that 'changed their lives', moving from young 20-somethings to responsible dog-owners advocating for the breed. It was through their experiences with Knox that they decided to 'pay it forward' by opening their home to foster dogs. Knox made the perfect foster brother, mentoring his many fosters as they found new homes. And only using them as furniture...sometimes.
And beyond seeing how inspiring they were with their foster work, Knox also became a dog blood-donor helping save the lives of so many other dogs:
And while Knox and his family have worked so hard saving lives by opening spaces in the shelter through fostering, and saving lives through blood donation..the unfortunate thing is Knox passed away over the weekend. He was a young pup whose life was cut unbelievably short by a sudden and unexpected illness.
Though we had only known Knox virtually, his personality was so big it came bursting out of the computer screen, and we feel like we know him more intimately than we know some of the dogs we see on our block each day.
We ask that you please not comment on this blog post, but instead go over to Pittieful Love’s Facebook Page and leave them some kind words; a thoughtful message of support and hope to help them through this very difficult time.


pibble said...

We heard about Knox's passing and were so sad. He gave so much to other dogs in his short life through his donations of blood. Knox's mom and dad have a lot to be proud of, and one great, big, happy boy to miss. Rest peacefully, Knox; you definitely live on in many others!

matt said...

the loss of a dog, well not a dog but a family member is soooo hard...prayers for Knox's family...what a great role model for other pitties to look up to

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a nice tribute to Knox
Benny & Lily

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