Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things to Do with Your Dog: Art-Filled Walks

 Since we don't have a backyard, we've become accustomed to going on several walks each day. So we're always interested in taking our routine up a notch.I was inspired long ago by Our Waldo Bungie's picnic and art walk with their pooches, and I've realized a few art-filled routes we have here in Chicago.

Sculpture Gardens
 This 2-mile long grassy stroll has over 60 large-scale contemporary sculptures, and Miss M has even learned to view the art with a discerning eyeball:

Downtown Free Public Art
 We sometimes take our city for granted, so it's always fun to act like a downtown tourist with our pooches (complete with cab ride!). The pooches were especially confused by giant leg Agora sculpture in Grant Park, and the giant fish by the Shedd Museum. We also have a huge Picasso statue in Daley Plaza, and a giant Marilyn Monroe that's leaving next week.

Graffiti Safaris
We all love our everyday "graffiti safari's" which enliven our daily walks. Our area has a lot of "permission walls" which are areas which are designated for street art. They have also been transforming empty storefront windows into "pop-up art galleries".

Does anyone else have interesting art-filled strolls with your pooches? And Chicagoans...any other public art displays I should be checking out?


Anonymous said...

I love outdoor art exhibits! We don't see nearly as much cool graffiti as I'd like to - we have to go further into the city for that.

I love how Ms. M studies each work of art - do you think she is contemplating a career as an artist?

Gia and Jessica said...

Looks like lots of free fun at the expense of some healthy exercise, two paws up!

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

Great post! I love walking Zoe through Lincoln Park's flower garden area (Near Fullerton). It's also fun to walk through college campuses like DePaul or UChicago. Zoe is terrified of the giant statue in front of DePaul's Lincoln Park Student Center. What's hilarious is that he's clearly a priest, and everyone got a kick out of Zoe barking so vigorously at him.

Keri @ Trinitys Love said...

Those walking statues confuse me to. Miss. M just has good taste!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Very cool post. City art, the best
Benny & Lily

Kolchak Puggle said...

That's so cool! That is definitely one of the things I miss most now that we live in the 'burbs, no awesome street art. Here, they call it "vandalism" Pshw, it's just "aet you don't understand!" What a cool post!

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