Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pooches: Gear for Colder Fall Walks

Since we don't have a backyard, we have gotten used to walking our dogs in all types of weather.
And we've learned to prepare them (and ourselves!) for the different stages of cold.
Because our dogs really do get cold.
Though on our latest fall walk, it seems we were all wearing the same thing:
We've all (me and E too!) been layering up with hoodies and scarves. We were so excited this year to discover Sirius Republic started a new line of reversible fleece snoods to keep them a little warmer. And a bit more posh.
We love how the plaid, plus hoodie, makes our pups a bit collegiate. Or so we thought as the pups strolled down a certain university campus.
Since it isn't wet outside, the pooches are fine adding a single extra layer with their hoodies. We love how these hoodies are just a bit snug in the chest making them look hilariously buff.
They were cheap enough that we were able to pick up a couple of colors. Which of course we made into matching retro team hoodies. 
Is the cold weather hard for other pups? What are your go-to cool weather remedies?

PS. What our pooches wear when it's cold (here!). And when it gets colder (here!).
PPS. Windy!


Taylor G said...

Mugsy has a small collection of cold weather gear. He has a hoodie, which unlike your is a little too baggy. We can never seem to find outfits that fit him right due to his stubby physique. Mugsy also has a wool coat and a puffy coat with wind neck guard for those really really cold days. But I think it's time he started to develop a style and not just a random collection of clothes. Maybe he will make the "good" list for Xmas and Santa will bring him some new gear (but I'm not holding my breath).

Rebelwerewolf said...

So far, the cold weather has been harder on us than our dogs. Do you have any glove recommendations?

Sara @ LiteraryLima said...

I was just saying I wish I could find matching red hoodies for Roxy and Cash! Thanks so much for the recommendation. :)

Corbin said...

The momma just ordered me two new hoodies! Since I might be getting a new foster pitty from the south in the next few weeks, we're anticipating she'll need protection from the cold NY weather!

Kiira said...

Your pups are always so good! I am currently suffering through some hoodie drama with the boys. Monkey won't pee when he is wearing his. Petey pees, but he always manages to soak the belly of his hoodie.

And this is somewhat off-topic, and I know all dogs are different, but how much time do you spend walking your dogs every day?

Two Pitties in the City said...

Rebelwerewolf: I like using the flip top gloves because I hate taking my gloves off to get a poo bag. I would love to hear what you come up with, and we kind of wrote about it here:

LiteraryLima: Would love to see the pups in their hoodies! Put a photo on our Facebook!

Kiira: We do a morning and evening that are about 20-30 minutes. Our guys are a bit older, and when M was younger I was going on a lot more walks. We also do do some of the things from this post (especially the backpack training):

Anonymous said...

I seriously love those Sirius Republic snoods! The plaid ones are adorable! Oh, and your red wellies are pretty cute too!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You are the best models
Benny & Lily

Debra@Peaceabull said...

We have a box full of cold weather gear in so many sizes but much to my chagrin, Ray doesn't like wearing clothes. He must be part polar bear too because he can take the cold better than I can. He did fairly well last winter so I probably just need to practice more with getting him dressed.

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

Those are really cute.


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