Friday, November 30, 2012

The Talking Pooches

So, we've already admitted that we talk to our dogs, but we actually take it another level: we also respond back in their voices (thanks  Rebel Werewolf for putting that out there first!).
Because with faces like these, how can they not have voices?

And not just voices, but voices to match their characters.
With her signature not impressed looks and continual plotting ways, Miss M can have nothing less than the voice of a sinister cartoon villain with the cackle of Gargamel.
We believe that she thinks of us as her chauffeur, personal chef, butler, pooper scooper, and maid and is always speaking down to us.
Miss M always has a habit of looking us straight in the eye, then sneezing and snorting which we often think of as her as walking around muttering curses at us under her breath.
On the other hand Mr. B is not so bright and so of course he has a dopey voice. 
We believe he walks around saying to himself, "duhp duhp duhp." Then whenever he speaks, he usually starts his sentences with a "da" and his sentences are usually only a few words. For example, whenever our fosters came back to our home after being gone at their adoption events, Mr. B would get really confused and we would imagine him saying, "Da what?! Da who da dis?!" 
But, unlike Miss M, we cannot imagine Mr. B ever saying a bad thing about us.
Now, we can't be the only ones. Do you also have voices for your dog?



Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

YES! Edi always has such a smug look on his face, we think he thinks the same as Ms M...except he also has a dopey voice -- he's not very bright.

Tess, mostly soft spoken and sweet, "goes off" on us every once in awhile (sneezng and gurgling at us) that we're sure she's telling us off - only to end up crawling in our laps and licking our faces.

Yes, our pooches have very detailed coversations with us!

Taylor G said...

Mugsy definitely has his own voice. It's more of a "poor me" voice. For example when we tell Mugsy he can't come on the bed, he mutter "you guys are such jerks, you never let me have any fun". He also has a weird habit of busting in the bathroom door (cause it doesn't close properly) whenever someone is in there and will sit with his back turned to you and look back with eyes that scream " just love me". What a better time to get some loving?

Anonymous said...

I think you probably already know the answer to this. ;-) And yes, the hubster and I both answer in the dogs' voices.

Me: Ranger, your eyes are goopy this morning.
Hubby: It just makes me look more vicious, Mother.

Hubby: How's your day going, Mayzie?
Me: It's GREAT! This is gonna be the very best day of my entire LIFE!

Glad we're not the only ones!


DeeDee said...

OMG! Brian and I do this with Dazzle, too. The voice is kind of a combo between "unamused" and "excited & dopey," depending on her often-shifting moods. ;-)

Thanks for sharing this - it gave me such a giggle, and makes me feel a teensy bit less crazy!

Life_With_Alfred said...

Alfred has a Cookie Monster voice!

Corbin said...

The momma has whole conversations with me. Most of the time she's right when she responds in my voice. "Geez, lady... I'd really like some of that bacon there."

Grand Duchess Bow Wow said...

...I'm so glad we're not the only ones that do this! I would imagine that our Naima would sound just like Miss M, and our dopey silly Kona would be akin to Mr B!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pups :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! SO TRUE! In my mind I picture Petey having Alvin The Chipmunk's voice

Christine said...

Ha ha, perfect match for your pups! We always have Nabi saying, "is this ooookkkaay?" in a small, shaky voice when confronted with new/scary things. Willie has a farm boy/redneck accent since he was originally from the shelter in Terre Haute, IN. :)

Rebelwerewolf said...

Haha, thanks for calling us out!

For Badger, we preface all his words with "shn-" because his nickname is "Shnashe". Badger is always going on about how awesome he is and demanding belly rubs.

For Mushroom, we preface all her words with "my-" because her nickname is "Myood". She's always wondering if things are food and then immediately proclaiming that it is.

We do the dog voices ALL the time, and it's pretty embarrassing when we walk past someone while muttering nonsense words at our dogs. >.<

Anonymous said...

Haha, those are perfect descriptions! Even though I've ALWAYS done voices for my childhood dogs and foster dogs, I don't do it much for Rufus..and if I do, it's more of a normal guy voice. Even tho he's grumpy, I just picture him talking similarly to us haha...must mean he's truly family ;)

Carrie C said...

Totally. Our 13 year old shih tzu was a man of many accents- we waffled between both German and Spanish accents and he was always a bit condescending. Whereas our 9 yr old Pitt mix is much more like your Mr. B., her voice is a cross between a valley girl and a small, very like able child! We used to feel bad that we made her voice "not as smart" but since we think she sees us more as family and less like servants, we have gotten over it:)

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

YES!!!! Annie, I swear, is a teen age girl in disguise! She's always looking down at us "as if!" Paul is the perpetual 5 year old momma's boy who loves everything about his life.

Wyatt said...

Oh yes, we have voices and song and cursing...BOL

Wyatt and Stanzie

ari_1965 said...

My dog speaks French half the time because he is half Belgian Malinois. The other half of the time he speaks English, and tends toward plain-speaking. He's got such an expressive face and body that it's hard not to give him dialogue. Though, actually, I think I've done this with every do I've ever owned or fostered.

He has dialogue in my poems, sometimes, as in this poem:

Btw, I always imagine him calling me Katharine. A trainer I once met said I shouldn't let my dog call me by my first name! But I don't like that "mom" stuff. He's not my son, he's my dog. Of course, lots of people refer to themselves as their dog's mom or dad. That's okay. I just don't like it myself.

Kinsley said...

Oh, yes! My dogs most def have voices! My old Irish Wolfhound mix reminded us of Donkey from Shrek, but the way he moved was totally an Eeore voice. My pittie has different voices depending on her mood;)

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

Yep! Mom and Dad talk to us and for us. I think it's a requirement when you have a dog in the family :)


Emily said...

As nutty as we are I don't think we've imagined voices for our pups. However, I have always thought of them as having extensive working vocabularies!

minstrel said...

Hey it is perfectly normal to speak 'in tongues' for your doggs ;)
Bug my Boxer x and all my boxers have a dopey cockney (London) accent.
Mookie and Floozie SBT and SBT x are diva's,they call me stupid mummy alot haha.

Loren said...

Ha. Of course we do. There is a dopey voice for the dog, and a prissy for our cat. We have a lot of 'bits' like the idea that our dog doesn't understand the concept of numbers. 'Today I saw a person, a person, a tree, a cat, a cat, and another tree.'
And also that he thinks basically all squirrels are the same animal. 'Hey guys, there's that squirrel again.'
The cat likes to hurl insults and make demands. The dog might say 'Hey, can I have some of that snack?' but the cat would say 'You. Human. Give me that food.'

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