Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Walk: The Butcher, The Baker and the Coffee-Maker

Back when I was a single girl, I absolutely hated running errands. But when I met E, suddenly a standard trip to Home Depot became fun.
So imagine how much fun errands become when we can include our pooches too.
With the weekend temperatures reaching a nearly tropical 30+ degrees, we decided to load up Mr. B's backpack and run some errands while on our family walk.

The Butcher:
One of our favorite parts of living in the city is that we can support local businesses. We even have a local butcher; The Butcher and Larder is all locally sourced and cut to order. They've even thrown in some extra things (knucklebones!) when they see the pooches peering in their window.

The Baker:
For extra cold-days, we love making flights of grilled cheese, tomato soup, and lighting up the fireplace. So we were able to stop by the 'local baker'. La Farine has been considered the best ciabatta rolls in the city; we've had friends who told us they had dreams about the rolls after eating them. We also like their french bread, and what could be funnier than having french bread sticking out of your doggie backpack?

The Coffee Maker
Just like a movie where the characters leisurely stroll around, our errands are run with coffee in (E's) hand. Which is easier to do when walking just one pooch. We are lucky enough to have several local coffee shops near us, which are the perfect distance for a short trek, or a longer walk with the dogs.

As if all of this isn't enough to make us feel like we were living in a small village...we ran into some new friends who recognized our dogs from the blog. Thanks for saying hi! (Could you tell your attention totally made Miss M's week?)

We are always curious about how other people spend time with their dogs, what types of walks do you do with your pups?

European-style errands with our dogs in a wine store!
Did you know dogs can shop here?
Running errands without dog parking.


Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

How fun! Erie is more spread out, so it's hard to run multiple errands at one time with the pooches. We did recently find out the music shop (WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE!) lets dogs in...finally reason for Sam to wander around in there!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Grilled cheese, tomato soup, fireplace and two ADORABLE pitties. Pretty perfect, I'd say.

(nice to see how they help with the shopping!)

Anonymous said...

It's usually too warm to run errands with the dogs, but I bring Gambit along if I'm making a loop of his vet, the fosters' vet, and Tractor Supply. I do occasionally take him on walks downtown, though, and he's been allowed inside the bank, a frozen yogurt shop, and outdoor tables at places like Moe's and Chipotle.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool, I miss city living! How in the world does Mr. B concentrate on walking when his bag smells like meat??!

SherBear said...

Nala's favorite walk is when we stop by Quad's Gym! The owner saw us walking by one day, ran out and yelled "Sherry, bring that dog in here!" Nala now has a honorary membership and is lavished with biscuits and love from the staff and members alike whenever she stops in. She particularly enjoys catching the end of a martial arts class on the weekends as there are always a couple kids who want to pet her! Her second favorite walk is to the vet - I really don't understand her logic, but she LOVES the attention she gets there as well. She always enjoys walking down Halsted and stopping by SideTrack - the staff have water and biscuits available and all are pitbull fans! Nala is NOT a fan though of the statues by Wrigley Field - she recently barked at Ernie Banks, guess she didn't like the way he was "looking" at her!

Anonymous said...

Grilled cheese and tomato soup... yum!

It's so cool you can take the dogs for their walk and run errands at the same time. Unfortunately we have to drive to all our shops here but sometimes the dogs get to come along for a ride and they love it... especially the bank where they get treats from the tellers.

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys make every outing look enjoyable and worthwhile
Benny & Lily

sweetemaline said...

I still have dreams about that bread you served when I visited a few years ago... I believe that was La Farine...and the pie! Oh the PIE! Delish!

Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

Pocket Pittie in the City said...

Oooo!!! We had the chance to take Nigel around with us last week for the first time and it was so fun. (Hopefully Miss Reactive Maggie will get there one day...) We love to take the pooches to The Coffee Bean on a lazy Sunday morning. Even Maggie can do that since we can always head a different direction if she gets overwhelmed.

jet said...

Hah we don't take the dogs out to do errands as they generally are cycling distance not quite walking distance. I do bring them to the pet shop to buy dog food though since they are welcome inside.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

I'm with you on that one; errands are much more fun with family! I don't think I could take all 3 many places but I do like to take one or two to random places, like auto parts stores and the free city mulch heap :)

My Two Pitties said...

Looks like fun! That's cool that you support local businesses:) Though our errands are always by car, I bring the dogs in stores where they're allowed.

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