Monday, February 11, 2013

SociaBulls: Walking as a Family

There are so many different types of people and dogs in Chicago SociaBulls, I'm always interested in hearing what draws everyone to join the group.
I especially remember one member saying they were excited because their dog is fearful and they can't participate in many of the social experiences that comes from having a dog. That this was one thing they could do together as a family.
We love that the group works for so many different types of pups. We also love that it is a type of date people can have with their families.
 With everyone being so busy all the time,, it is nice to set aside one day a week to spend together.

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Anonymous said...

Spending time with dogs and their people (our people!) is the best! Love what you guys are providing to each other!

Taylor G said...

Although the walks can be very stressful at time (i.e.- Mugsy pulling the whole time and recently eating all the snow he can fit into his big yapper) we use the walks to spend and hour doing something as a family and outside. Without all the summer street festivals we need something to commit to doing and that forces us to get outside, even in crummy weather. With a solid walk under ou belts Mugsy will sleep the rest of the day and let us focus on other things......chores.

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

I'm loving these. I definitely want to start one in Erie. I'm looking to start a group in the spring. I'll be hitting you up for advice soon!

Laura and Hans said...

I just love how noble they all look!

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