Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Walk: The Quiet City

Even though we live less than 2 miles from the center of the city, we still dress up and get excited when we go downtown with the pooches. 
Lately the pooches have been on the downtown tourist track: checking out the Marshall Fields windows, Mag Mile, and Burberry. But then there's also the other side of the city.
The quiet side with hidden parks, tree-lined paths, and not a shopping bag in site.
Where the city actually seems quiet...until Miss M speaks.
And we actually have a reason to be out. Walking our dogs.



Anonymous said...

Love the empty street shots of them! It's nice you can take some walks free of the paparazzi!

Two French Bulldogs said...

How mom loves that city
Benny & Lily

Kate said...

So awesome when it feels like you have the whole city to yourself :)

Anonymous said...

The black & white photo is so atmospheric!
Have you found that your dogs' eyes are getting gunkier w/age?
thanks so much!

My Two Pitties said...

The black and white is so cool. I've only been to Chicago once but I would love to visit again, it was awesome!

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