Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pooches: On FInding "The One"

I always talk about how I never expected to adopt a pit bull. Though I never realized this was what would lead to finding my human 'One', and we're excited to reshare for favorites week.
I never expected Miss M to be "The One". And I never expected my experience with Miss M to lead me to E where we would one day be married with our little family.
See, I was very calculated when I began looking for a dog. My first decision was that I wanted to adopt. My second decision was that it would NOT be a pitbull-type dog. Not even a percentage. When I was scanning all the photos on Petfinder I would skip all the dogs with big blocky heads, and I would move on from anything even hinting at being a pitbull.
But then an amazing thing happened. After meeting so many dogs at so many adoption events, I met a pitbull. And she was amazing! She was laying on the ground, patiently, and when I looked in her direction her face lit up and she began wiggling in excitement. I had never met a dog so sweet and so in tune with people--until I went over and met the second pitbull at the event.
 It was only after meeting my first pitbull in real life that I realized how wrong all my assumptions about pitbulls had been. And I had to make Miss M mine.
(Vintage Miss M)
At the same time, I had been very calculated as a single girl. I always had a singular idea of the 'type' of person I would end up with. And I would limit most of my experiences to trying to find that type of person.
But after realizing how wrong I had been about my perfect dog, I realized how wrong I had been in my calculations.
As E wrote in this (favorite!) post, we were never expected to be together. I am Jewish and E is Korean-American. Our families expected different things for us.
But at the same time, it was inevitable:
E, who has a PhD in neuroscience, was working in a research lab. He wanted to become more involved with his community. He decided to become a high-school teacher in the city.
I was working downtown in advertising. I wanted to become more involved in my community. I decided to become a high-school teacher in the city.
We ended up teaching at the same school; we started the same year. Our school was so big, it was only that second year that we met each other. I knew early. He was afraid of my pitbull...until he met her that first time.
If it hadn't been for my experiences with Miss M, I never would have realized how wrong my calculated efforts were. Or what I could have missed out on. And now we live happily with two pitties in the city!
I'm always curious about everyone's back stories and how they knew their pooches were right for them. How did everyone else end up with your "one"? And did your "one" help you find your other "one"?

We don't share a lot about ourselves. Though we have written this (E's favorite post) and when this happened.
We will also be updating our Facebook page with a hint of what the pups are up to this week.


Unknown said...

I did at least a year of research into the breed of dog I wanted. Yep that long. I am a planner or maybe a little OCD by personal diagnosis. And I finally decided that I had to have an English Bulldog. So the research and saving continued to find the right breeder. I wanted to adopt, but was not very comfortable with the idea being that many had existing issues and I would be a 'first time pet owner'. In addition I was a broke, barely out of college student, so money was a factor. I found a breeder in Michigan because I refused to not meet my options and I was set on a boy (name already picked out prior). He was the only dog that I hadn't held and touched, but this little girl that I didn't plan for was so sweet and snug in my hands, but there was something in me that knew I couldn't leave that house with not at least touching this sleeping pup. So I set the sweet girl down and started to scratch his back, and that is when he rolled over to make sure I didn't miss his side/belly. I was sold right then and there. And that pre-name pick, fits perfect . . . Tank.

@ http://natalielmurphy.blogspot.com/

Luv My Rosie said...

I, too, did not want a pitbull. I'll admit I was a victim of the stereotype. My sister had 2 pitbulls and my new born niece. I thought she was crazy until I met them. Yes, they were crazy and full of energy but not once did they ever harm the baby. They would sit right next to her little bouncy seat just waiting for a piece of food to fall to the floor.

Fast forward 6 years when I bought my own condo. I knew I wanted a dog. I actually wanted a Beagle but I didn't want my neighbors upset by howling during my absence. My sister calls to tell me that the family she got her pits from had a liter and would I be interested in a pit puppy? At first I said no but I thought I would just go look at them. I figured I was strong enough to say no. Boy was I wrong. I dont remember how many puppies there were but I knew most of them had been claimed. I knew I wanted a female and there was only one left. Rosie seemed to be the runt of the liter she was quiet and hung out in the corner. But, one look and I knew she was mine. Yes it has been a challenge and she makes me crazy sometimes with her "issues" but its been 9 years now and I wouldn't change a thing. Were a team.

Unknown said...

I knew I wanted a pit bull and even though many, MANY people told me not to get one as a first-time dog owner, I knew it was the breed for me. After about a year of looking, I decided to take a break. In spring of 2010 I was on Michigan Avenue with a friend, and it was the same day as PAWS's Angels with Tails event. I saw a ton of pits that day, but one stood out. One calm, white girl named Lacy, laying on a towel in front of Saks Fifth Avenue. I took her into Saks with one of the volunteers to see how she would do around cats (they were on the cosmetics floor :) and she didn't seem to want to bother them. A group of high-society ladies-who-lunch (and shop at Saks) passed us and said "You're dog is beautiful!" I told them she wasn't mine but was up for adoption. And they all exclaimed "You have to adopt her! She is your dog!"

So that sealed the deal. We had a lot of work to do, she jumped on people, grabbed the leash on walks, pulled like a mad woman, but her zen-like personality hasn't changed. I don't know how someone so high-strung and impatient ended up with a dog like her (!), but I am so thankful every day that we found each other.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!

I grew up with Labs so when the time came for me to get a dog I adopted a Lab and then a second one. It's what I've always known, which isn't a good thing or a bad thing.

I'll be honest I never considered a pit bull type dog or any other breed for that matter. But, now I look at it differently, the breed shouldn't matter, it's not a point of pride for me or anything, I should have the dog I connect the most with. So when it comes time to get another dog who knows what breed or mix of breeds will come home with me!

Terri said...

I too never wanted a pit bull type dog. When I went looking I was even thinking of a poodle because they are so smart. And short haired pit bulls couldn't possibly be cuddly. Right? LOL There was a kennel at the humane society with a sign labeled "Siberian Husky/Boxer cross". What on earth did that look like? When Axel showed up he was the skinniest thing and the help there had just passed out biscuits. He was so excited it slipped under the door and after trying for one moment, he immediately went to see if the helper was there to reach it for him. When no, he went back to work at getting to his biscuit. It took some serious concentration, but watching him think through the whole process and use his knowledge of humans, I fell in love through the window. Best dog ever.

The Whitfields said...

Miss M is so cute and to me Mr. B looks more like a pit bull than she does. They both are just precious! Such a sweet story of how they brought you guys together.

Sara @ LiteraryLima said...

Awwweee, love this story! The fact that Roxy loved Jer right away definitely helped me put my trust in him! We've both always known that bully-type dogs were for us, and when we met Cash we knew it was meant to be. And now our kid will be a bully lover too!

Lisa said...

I'd lost my Boston terrier mutt to liver cancer three weeks prior to being found by my American bulldog mutt. A friend saw him on a local Freecycle list-serve, and showed me the photos. I got in contact with the owner, and made plans to "just go see." Pulled into her driveway, got out, and he barreled down to me, informing me that he'd waited FOREVER.
Turned out, her ad wasn't quite honest (neutered - um, no) English bulldog/Boston terrier mix (HAH!) who's 4.5 months old. *snicker*
That was August 2, 2007.

SarahKay2010 said...

Like you, I never envisioned myself with a pit bull type dog. I had grown up with Labradors only, so I figured that if I ever did get a dog, it would be a lab. Two years ago I started volunteering at Stray Rescue of St. Louis which takes in a high volume of pit bull type dogs and as I worked with them I realized the misconceptions I had about these types of dogs. When I decided I was ready to foster I still wasnt really sure I wanted to foster a pit bull type because I only had a small one bedroom apartment and I know how pittys LOVE to run around, but when the time came I couldn't resist Ashland. She looked so dejected and as though she had just given up trying, so I knew she was the one. Now almost two years later and after I became a "foster failure", she is all mine and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Unknown said...

I moved to another city to be with my boyfriend. I already had 2 cats but have always loved dogs; I just never had a consistent schedule for walks, feeding, etc. A friend of his found a young female pit on his doorstep, vetted her, took her in to his 'pack' of a Mastiff and several cats,and called her Girly because he didn't want to name her and get attached. A year later, owners were never found, and he couldn't afford to keep her.
I thought we were going to just meet her and decide from there, but I got lovebombed as soon as I came in the door! She immediately jumped in the backseat then tried to crawl thru the seats to lay in my lap on the way home. 3 years later, the boyfriend was not The One. But Girly knows she's part of this pack, even though she's the only dog!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom is getting all teary and slobbering on us while reading your post
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post......

GreenEggsNSamm said...

My husband and I weren't interested in a pit bull because of what we had read about them. But when we walked past Bunny's run at the Humane Society, and saw her playing fetch with herself, we fell in love. They brought her out to meet us and we knew right away she was the dog for us. We couldn't resist that pittie butt wiggle!

We took Bunny to a trainer who specialized in bully breeds for training and pack socialization. It was in the pack that she met and fell in love with Cesar. While Bunny is petite and friendly looking, Cesar was big and scary with his huge block head and teeny cropped ears. Pulled from a fighting ring as a puppy, he had spent most of his 3 years in shelters. We weren't so sure about him.

But again, looks can be deceiving. When our trainer brought Cesar out to meet us he looked very scary...until he rolled over and asked for a belly rub! We knew we had to take him home with us.

Cesar and Bunny have been the two best dogs we've ever had. Their big personalities made us fall in love with the breed. And their charm wins people over wherever we go!
We even take them with us to horse shows where tiny purse dogs are prevalent. People will give us dirty looks or make derogatory remarks, but by the end of the weekend Bunny and Cesar always have a fan club!

Unknown said...

I knew Mina was the one when she play-bowed to me on my bed five minutes after arriving to my home.

I knew Celeste was the second one because Mina thought she was the bestest invention ever.

I wanted a Pit Bull. I wanted one because, aside from Labs, they were the only dogs being killed en masse at the shelter I volunteered at. Unlike Labs, no one seemed to think Pit Bulls were worthy of life. I wanted to change that.

Anonymous said...

This was so sweet. Vintage Miss M brought a smile to my face!

Katie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is doing a lot of research and visiting shelters and adoption events long before getting a dog! I don't plan to actually adopt until the fall, but I figure preparedness is good.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love me a great 'how'd you meet' story and this one just made me way happy!

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