Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pooches: When the City is Your Obstacle Course

With all of the cold weather we've been having lately, none of us want to be out on walks for very long. 
At the same time, we know it's easy for the pups to get Cabin Fever, and we know a happy dog is a well exercised dog.
To help the pooches get the most from our walks, we learned to make the city our obstacle course.
Our pooches leap over puddles (or not!):
Bound over snowbanks:
And carry big sticks:
We also weave through trees, hop on steps, and practice balancing on benches.
Do you have any dog obstacles you practice on your walks?

Getting the Most out of Your Walk
What to do inside when you can't go outside


Kari in Alaska said...

We dodge moose ;)

Stop on by for a visit

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Eek! I love these guys! The first picture literally made me say out loud "Oh, Mr. B."

Did you have any issues getting them to leap up on things? Ed doesn't have a problem, but Tess has zero confidence (which I know this helps boost!), but it's so hard to get her to get up. Any tips?

Kate said...

those are some awesome levitation skills...

Anonymous said...

They are so nimble! I love that their facial expressions make it seem so effortless!

Callie's Mom said...

We climb trees!

Anonymous said...

Oh love these action shots! The best is Mr. B flying over the snow bank.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those pictures of Mr. B! What is it with boy dogs and big sticks? They love them!

Corbin said...

Oh my, these pictures had the momma cracking up!

Anonymous said...

We don't have any obstacles because right now walking the two pups is enough of an exercise! (Boomer and Dottie are a handful on walks sometimes.)

I love these photos, especially the ones where Mr. B levitates!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hilarious! Love these guys. What great shots
Benny & Lily

jet said...

that 'levitate' photo makes me think of ET!!

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