Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things to do in Chicago with Dogs: Pride Fest

We joke that the Pride Parade is the pooches' favorite event of the year. Since pets are not allowed to march in parades in Chicago, we have to participate on the sidelines.
This year they decided to stretch out the Pride festivities having the Pride Fest street festival last weekend and the big parade this coming weekend.
Then we discovered that Miss Foozie hosts a mini-Pup Parade during Pride Fest which occurred this past weekend, she also hosts the Pup Parade that the pooches participate in during Halloween.
This was a good chance for the pups to practice in some costumes before their big debut this weekend. Mr. B wore his favorite fedora and some beads as he documented the Pup Parade with his camera.
Miss M couldn't decide between dressing up as a fairy or a ballerina, but she remembered that she could  go as a ballerina for the Pup Parade and dress up as a fairy for the Pride Parade.   
Miss M was so excited that her current boyfriend, Vegas (unbeknownst to Vegas), was able to join her in the Miss M Pup Parade.
For her dog's hard work filming her parade, Miss M purchased ice cream for her and her dog.
Here is the video Mr. B took from his perspective:
In case you missed it:
Remember how excited Miss M was to march in this parade?


sweetemaline said...

It wouldn't be Pride weekend without Mr. B and Ms. M!

Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

OG said...

Don't tell Miss M but A has a lovely skirt on!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys are hilarious
Benny & Lily

My Two Pitties said...

They look amazing as always, I'd love to run into them at a parade!

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