Monday, October 27, 2014

SociaBulls: The SociaBulls Annual Halloween Walk

Living in a city obsessed with Halloween, it only seemed natural that our SociaBulls group spend the weekend before the big holiday dressed in gear.
It has become a bit of an annual tradition to have a type of "Pop-up Parade" where pups who feel comfortable can come dressed in costume.
We know our group draws a lot of attention from our sheer size. And it was fun to see everyone's expressions seeing our big group suited up in costume.
It's also great timing being Pitbull Awareness month to see so many pitiful-type dogs and their allies just hanging out with their families.
To learn more about our group, read here or join our Facebook page here.

Can't get enough of cute dogs in costumes? Check out more of them here, here and here!


Unknown said...

Love the costumes, especially Mr B's top hat! How did you get him to put up with it?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh how we would love to see this in the furs.
Lily & Edward

Laura said...

What fun for everyone to enjoy seeing cute pups in costume, and that their festive wear positively promotes the joy of pitbulls! Thanks!

kasia077 said...

I am so sorry we missed this! And OMG Radar's face, OMG!!

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