Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things to do with Dogs in Chicago: Miss M and Mr B go Dog Trick-or-Treating (with Be Fido's Friend!)

You would think from all of our Halloween posts that we are Halloween fanatics, but it's really quite the opposite.
The only Halloween decoration we have around the house are carved pumpkins with fake vampire fangs. And that's just new this year.
Though when it comes to our pooches and Halloween, we cannot contain our Halloween spirit. Well actually it's A who cannot contain her Halloween spirit.
To me, it seems like A spends all year planning for her favorite event of the Halloween season: Be Fido's Friend Trick or Treat Walk.
A was so excited for the pooches to go as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and even modified their wigs a month ago so it was all set for the walk. However, the weather was too warm for the pooches to wear their sweatshirts, so Miss M chose to be 'ironic' and go as an angel and Mr. B went as Dapper B.
Though the pooch costumes were a last day substitution, Mr. B's top hat was such a hit that he even won the best costume crazy frosted cookie at G&O bar. However, he only got to eat half of the cookie, because Miss M swept in with her angelic paws and grasped the half of the cookie he dropped as crumbs.
It is safe to say that this is the pups' dream come true come to life. During our walks, the pups always dream of being able to go into stores, get petted, and get a treat.
Which is exactly what happens with this trick-or-treat walk. They have an outdoor halloween party at the bank, then you get a bag and go to over 30 businesses that welcome the pups, let them in their stores, and give them treats.
Though now the pups are expecting to be able to go into all of the stores on our walks and have people give them treats.
This was such a fun and well-organized event (thanks Be Fido's Friend!).

Anyone else going trick-or-treating with your pup?

Deja vu!
Just some Halloween dogs walking down the street
Dogs view of Chicago Halloween
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Two French Bulldogs said...

Hope you get lots of tricks or treats
Lily & Edward

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

So much fun! They look awesome as usual. The Halloween dog events I've been to in our area are pretty weak. Maybe I'll check out SF next year.

Norman wore his Halloween skull collar on our therapy visit today. That's about as festive as we got.

MJ said...

These posts always brighten my day. Miss M's facial expressions are the absolute best!!!

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