Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Miss M & Mr. B Spectate at the Chicago Marathon

While I've "retired" from my Chicago Marathon running days, every year I look forward to heading out with the pups to cheer on the runners.
The race has over 40,000 runners weaving their way throughout the Chicago neighborhoods. For 26.2 miles it's a huge party in the streets with everyone banding together with costumes, high fives, and plenty of water to cheer the marathoners on.
Our pups chose their own costumes dressing as "Dapper Mr. B" and "Grumpy Butterfly".
Each year I would remember the huge rush of excitement from the crowds in the first 12 miles, then rounding a corner and hitting that spectator lull. So we like to cheer at this spectator dead-zone where seeing a huge grumpy butterfly and dapper pit bull might just give the runners that extra push they need.
It was fun cheering on the runners, and many of them told us the pups were the best-dressed pooches on the course!
And even with Miss M's pouty mug, they were able to lure some runners off the course for some pets and photo opps. Hopefully giving that extra push of motivation they needed past the half-way point.
We know how hard running a marathon can be overall, but especially if you didn't have the race you thought you would have or you find yourself at the end as everyone is packing up and you're just trying to stay ahead of the sanitation truck. It's these back-of-the-pack runners that can be the most inspiring seeing how dedicated they are to keep on going even if they don't have the crowds and fanfare.
So we make sure to stay until the end. And Mr. B watched until the end to make sure he could cheer for each and every runner.
Congratulations to everyone who ran, and thanks for stopping to say hi!

That other time we let them pick.
Miss M's personal marathon.
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Two French Bulldogs said...

What fun. We enjoy cheering on the runners too. Our friend likes your Bears shirt
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

Just curious, Do you find that Mr. B not like strangers as much as Miss M? Or is she just the social butterfly, albeit a grumpy looking one... LOL Love both your pooches. Thanks for sharing them with us!

KS said...

Vinnie accompanied me to cheer on my sister & her friends at their half-marathon - he would've GLADLY stayed all day and watched all the runners go by (getting the occasional wave and head-pat)! The only part he didn't care for was the guy running in a gorilla suit :P

Anonymous said...

It's really nice that you picked that spot and that you stay until the end... I'm sure the runners appreciate it!

OG said...

You guys are SO GREAT! For cheering in the dead zone and waiting till the end! Petey moans at everyone who looks at him, runners and spectators!
I love Mr. B's hat! Is there a strap under the chin?

Debra@Peaceabull said...

Great inspiration for the runners, I'm sure!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Thanks everyone! Mr B is definitely aloof. He is really, really loyal to E, but he doesn't get excited about many other people (except for our dogwalker). He stands nicely when people pet him, but he just doesn't engage as much. Miss M is completely the opposite where she will seek people out and get so excited that she makes them feel like they're the only person there (until she moves on to the next person). So just because Miss M is so over-the-top, I think it makes Mr. B seem that much more aloof, but maybe he's just like the average dog?

Eva M said...

It was great seeing you guys on the course! Luna and I are hopeful to join on Sociabulls walks again now that training is over!!

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