Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pooches: Is it Better Not to Know?

Lately I've been wondering whether it really is that good of a thing to have so much information readily available.
See, I'm part of a Neighborhood Watch Facebook page where the community members keep everyone aware by posting about any vandalism, break-in's or general weirdness in the neighborhood.
There are thousands of people on the page.
So we hear about a lot of vandalism, break-in's and general weirdness.
The funny thing is, so many people take these accounts as an example of how the neighborhood is getting worse.
When really, the neighborhood has been getting tons better, it's just that we now have the connection to more people to hear about every single incident that we never even would have known about before.
Which is also what has been happening with my dog information.
Now that we have so many ways to connect and gather information, I get to hear so many scary stories as people share about what has happened with other dogs.
About dogs getting stolen from backyards.
About poison treats people encounter on walks.
And about sudden cases of glaucoma developing into blindness, which now has had me scurrying to the vet any time bug-eyed Miss M squints at me funny.
I too want to share when I hear about these things because it really could help us prevent misfortune for another family.
Though at the same time, I feel prone to "Over-caution Syndrome" where I'm starting to become neurotic about what should be simple things, and I wonder if my vet visits are really warranted, or just over-reacting.

So, what does everyone think: Is it a good thing that we have so much information at our disposal? Or have others become as neurotic as me and it's better just not to know?

And I am completely guilty of this too. 
And here.
Oh yeah, and this one too. 
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Cereal City Doggie Mom said...

I know just how you feel. We are so plugged in now. I get really depressed thinking that everything that's was once good is gone or on the way out. In reality, it is just the fact that our area of knowledge has grown so huge that we just hear more bad news! My solution: I got rid of cable tv, I only watch local news on my computer and I cut way back on Facebook contacts and time spent reading all their problems. Just an isolationist at heart I guess. I call it "sanity preservationist!"

JustaGirl said...

So true! I can't tell you how many times I've googled WebMD trying to diagnose my self 😜! Too many!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom works in la enforcement. It's best to be aware. You would be shocked at what the public doesn't know. Scary
Lily & Edward

Melanie said...

I think ignorance is bliss when it comes to possible things to worry about that may or may not happen. Education is important and if you notice something different about your dog's or your own health, it's nice to have the Internet as a resource. But reading stories about bad things happening to people's dogs would worry me endlessly. I personally could not handle that.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

I totally get that! I'm part of a private neighborhood message board & I am constantly freaked out by posts of break-ins & car theft. I would be blissfully unaware without it:/

But on the dog side of things, I think I've learned to enjoy the positive side of things like looking at cute photos & reading blogs while avoiding negative articles & posts. I do google medical things once in a while, but don't read up on things otherwise.

I have spent many many hours though reading about dog nutrition, over-vaccinating & natural flea control. I had to cut myself off!

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