Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Favorite Holiday Walks in the City

With everything we have going on, lately we couldn't be more excited for our upcoming break.
As busy as we've been, it will be good to spend some quality time with the pups, and we've created a tradition of going on a couple of walks, that are worth it, even in the colder weather.

Taking Advantage of a Deserted Downtown:
The city completely empties out on Christmas and Christmas Eve, so we like to take this chance to take the pups downtown to look at the sites. Chicago has a traditional Christkindl market that is always way too busy, even when we're not with the pups.
So we like to walk around outside and see the tree and let people meet the pups (they become quite the photo opp!). Downtown we tend to run into a lot of tourists who have never met pitiful-type dogs before, and they are often shocked that they are just like any other dog (though it is often followed by comments that their own dogs at home would never be as patient or calm in a crowd).

Visiting Marshall Fields (Macy's) State Street Windows:
We love outdoor activities that we all can enjoy, and it's fun to see the decorated windows. Before Christmas State Street is really crowded, so we make this part of our Christmas Eve walk where everything is empty and the pups can even go up to see.

Amped up Neighborhoods:
As long as it's dark and cold, it might as well look pretty. We've been at Wicker Park when they had the fountain decorating event, and it's always nice to see the the neighborhood stores and homes all lit up and decorated.

Anyone else have favorite holiday walking traditions?

How to be a tourist with dogs during a Chicago winter in 1 day.
Or in 36 hours. 
No such thing as bad weather.

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JustaGirl said...

I love our Christmas traditions with Milo! You've got some great ones!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We would love to see Chicago at Christmas. You guys kill us with those clothes. You look like 2 little kids
Lily & Edward

Anonymous said...

Oh I miss Chicago so much! What a glorious city!

OG said...

Everyone who is usually in downtown Chicago is probably in Midtown Manhattan now! I love Miss M's pink jacket!

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