Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pooches: Where We Discover the Secret Lives of Our Dogs

We've always wondered what the pups were up to when they were home alone and left to their own devices.
So much so, that we even figured out how to do this.
Over break I was out with the flu, which really meant I got to stay home undetected to the pups. (They kept forgetting I was sleeping in the bed.)
And I discovered they had a bit of a secret life that the cameras couldn't capture:

Yes, Miss M Really Does Talk to Herself
Whenever we're home, Miss M likes to follow us around and "talk" to us (we shared her vocal talents in the video in this post).
I always wondered if this was something she always did, or if it was completely for our benefit.
Does the Miss M make a sound if there is no one there to hear it?
And as I discovered as I was home sick hiding in the bed, yes, Miss M is the type of pup that walks around mumbling to herself.

The Pups Have Their Own Routine Without Us
The pups know they're on a different routine when we're not home.
Mr. B had a set time where he went to lay by the front window anticipating the Dogwalker's arrival.
Miss M apparently has a special talent of telling time where she would get extra mumbly summoning the Dogwalker to come feed her dinner.

They Have Their Own Friends We Don't Even Know About
When we're on break and we're able to walk the pups during the day, we meet a whole slew of people who know the pups. 
People we have never met before but they have met the pups when they're with their Dogwalker.
I guess at our old place our pups had a great relationship with the school crossing guard, which we never realized because we were always at school at the same time.

Is anyone else discovering secrets from their pups' lives when you're not watching?

The first time.
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Two French Bulldogs said...

Ms M you are hilarious. You sound just like me. Stay warm, we heard on the radio it was 1 degree
Leeward (& Lily)

SherBear said...

Yes, Nala also has secret friends from her lunch time walks! I'm always curious on how she decides which item to sleep on when I'm gone (her bed, the couch or my bed), I wonder if there is a rotation or her own rationalization like I'm so tired I can't jump all the way onto the couch lol.

Unknown said...

I love this! We used to have an Australian Shepherd who I swore had a bigger social circle than I did!

Melanie said...

This post makes me so happy. Your pups are so precious!

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

That's too cute! Since I work from home, Kaya & Norman are with me almost all the time. I don't think we have many secrets;)

But my childhood dog, a Beagle had a whole life of her own, worth making a childrens' movie of. She was a masterful escape artist so she got out a lot. She had all the construction locations in the neighborhood memorized and came home with many a bag lunches.

She also came over to my school a lot. She knew when lunch time was and I would hear her howling for snacks from far away. Sometimes she'd walk the halls with me & many kids said "Hi Shannon"(they knew her name from her tag). She was WAY more popular than I was.

Dz Dog Mom said...

What a fun post!
Actually i've been thinking of installing a wireless babycam in my house so that I can watch and talk to the dogs while we're not home. I know this sounds crazy, but we've been working with Ziva on her separation anxiety and just when I think we've got it beat and I stop crating them she goes and destroys something!
I'm thinking it's boredom (she's kind of OCD), they get tons of exercise - we try really hard to wear them out in the mornings before work. But I figure maybe through remote voice commands I could watch and stop her when she starts to eat a rug. LoL


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