Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pooches: How Much Are Dogs Influenced by Their Dog Siblings?

The other day, as our pups were racing around the house awaiting dinner (at 10 am!), E wondered if Mr. B might have been a completely different pup if he didn't live with a dog like Miss M.
See, Mr. B is typically laid back, but it was only after picking up on Miss M's cues, and crazy eyes, that he learned how to be over-excited.
Over-excited about breakfast.
And dinner.
And when people come to our door.
Mr. B shows his excitement by racing around with his stuffies!
But at the same time, I think Mr. B could have turned out differently if Miss M had some other undesirable behaviors.
Mr. B used to bark at all the action outside our window, and any noise from our building's hallway, but it was only because Miss M didn't react to these noises that he stopped.
He also used to give warning barks for approaching dogs when we were on walks, but Miss M's indifference quelled that too.
I wonder if it could have gone the other way where Miss M picked up on these cues and we had both of the pups becoming over-excited about noises and action.

So do our pups have the personalities they have only because of one-another? Would each of our dogs have turned out completely differently if they each lived with a different pup?
What has everyone else been noticing with their dogs?

Remember when our pups taught foster dog Wilma to do this the first week she got here?
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Annie & Pauls Mom said...

It's like being in a classroom, you try to get your kids to ignore the bad behaviors of other kids and try to copy the good.

Two French Bulldogs said...

So funny. We definitely learn from each other. I pull backwards now when I don't want to go out. Lily showed me how to do that
Edward (& Lily)

KS said...

Unfortunately the main thing that our younger dog is learning from our older one is that she can get away with anything! Lay on top of him when he's in the sunny spot? Of course! Sneak in underneath him to scarf some of his dinner? He'll back away and let her have it, poor guy...

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

It always amazes me that Mr. B & Mrs. M remind me so much of Kaya & Norman! Even though Kaya is hyper, vocal & generally spazzy compared to Norman who is laid back, gentle & endearing, Kaya is more confident & indifferent in situations that might worry Norman. She also ads a lot of fun & excitement to his life. They compliment each other perfectly:)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Boomer and Dottie have learned some bad habits from each other but also some good things too so we can't complain too much.

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