Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pooches: On Dog Sweaters in the Neighborhood

After years of walking our pups through Blizzasters, Chi-beria, and general Chicago weather, we've tried out a lot of dog gear.
While it's our dog coats that get us through the really rough weather, we do love that small window of time when the pups get to gear-up in their dog sweaters.
Our sweaters are heavy-duty, much warmer than our hoodies. Which gives us a mere few weeks to wear them in the colder weather just before the snow hits--we know these probably would just become uncomfortable and weighted down among the snow drifts.
We did learn that dogs in sweaters score huge points with the neighbors. As the pups were clad in their sweaters on our latest family walk, nearly everyone we passed cracked a smile, with a couple pulling out camera phones for paparazzi shots. 
Our pups each own two sweaters (matching of course!).
One of our first purchases for our pups was the matching pink and black skull sweaters from Chilly Dog; a lot of our local pet stores seem to carry this brand. These sweaters have a tight-weave and come up higher at the collar like a mock-turtleneck. While they fit our pups well in the chest, they are actually very long and we ended up needing to fold over the back and pin it in place with safety pins. We've seen a couple of different styles on some of our Chicago SociaBulls friends; they've even come out with a fair-isle pattern!
We've since ordered custom-made sweaters from our friends over at Tiennot Knits. We like that these are sewn to our pups exact dimensions (not too long!) and we asked for a tighter fit to keep the front side well-covered. We also liked being able to choose the colors. Miss M specifically asked for pink.

Sweaters happen to be the one piece of dog gear our pups will wear inside. Especially at family parties which make them look a bit more gussied up and harder to get angry with them if they are over-excited.

These are the sweaters that have worked for us.
Anyone else out there have sweaters your pups love wearing? And any sizing tips?

For hard to fit.
Just starting out. 
Using human gear!
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Unknown said...

My little fawn-colored pit bull Gina has a lime green turtleneck that has been known to melt admiring humans into puddles when she wears it to the local farmers' market.

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys always look very fashionable
Lily & Edward

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