Monday, November 2, 2009

Chicagoing: Mr. B's Halloween Party

Since Mr. B was unfortunately left behind during last weekend's dog Halloween party. we were happy to let him join the festivities at this weekend's Chicago Park District Halloween Dog Party.
We loaded the pooches into the car, with seat belts of course, and headed for the park.
Miss M. was not happy about sharing the limelight with Mr. B.Mr. B's turtle costume was a hit; it was perfect for him because he's so low to the ground.He enjoyed checking out the booths and begging for treats.There were lots of dogs in costumes. This little caveman was even able to keep his wig on the whole time.
We wanted to find this cowboy costume for Mr. B. to wear for this year's Pride parade.A former inmate:This pooch challenging Miss M. to a fight:
These events are good opportunities for us to do things around the city that include the pooches. It's important for city dogs to be acclimated to all kinds of situations; plus, the pooches had a great time getting pets and attention from people, meeting other pooches, and practicing on the rally course.


Dottie said...

This is hilarious and adorable!

Rescued Pittie Family said...

Oh my goodness! My pibbles have the same Halloween costumes! I can't believe it!
I have been sitting here reading through your blog this morning - I so need to get to work but your blog is SO CUTE!
I could hardly believe it when I saw this one! Haleigh was the turtle/frog for Halloween this year and last year she was the Ballerina Princess.
Love it!

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