Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pooches: Skateboarding w/ the Pooches

The other day, while A and her friend L were walking Ms. M and Mr. B in the neighborhood, I decided to surprise the pooches by skating past them. For some reason, the pooches get so excited to see us when its unexpected. However, this time, Ms. M was more excited to see my skateboard than me. She has this strange obsession of trying to kill my skateboard. So when I decided to get Mr. B some exercise by skating away with him, Ms. M started throwing a tantrum. Apparently she was whining, barking and looking all around for us. Whenever we skated past her, she would start crying and lunging at us. On the other hand, Mr. B was loving it. He was running along with me. Though this was a great way to get Mr. B some exercise, I do not recommend it and will definitely never do this in the dark again. Though we were on quiet side streets, we still had to keep an eye out for cars and we had a couple close calls when Mr. B would run right in front of me and cut me off. Hopefully one day we will teach Mr. B to ride the skateboard all by himself.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Maybe you can ride the skateboard with Mr.B on you're back and A can ride her bycicle beside you sporting Ms.M on hers. That would definately trump the youtube video we saw.

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