Monday, December 7, 2009

Pooches: Mr. B. Wants Toys

We usually don't have problems leaving the pooches home alone, but sometimes we come home to things like this:Mr. B has crate anxiety, so we don't keep him locked up. He had such severe enclosure issues he used to use his face as a battering ram to burst out. Often times we'd come home to find the crate bashed out, like it had been in a car accident, and more often Mr. B with wounds on his face. We replaced his crate with a teepee and hadn't had any problems. We used to leave Miss M out also, but after a rampage where they were playing and knocked over the teepee and other assorted objects, we decided it was just easier to keep her in the crate. The only problem is all of their toys are kept in a toy bin and Mr. B is short with stubby arms that he cannot get any of the toys out without causing chaos. In this case, we came home to find Ms. M's crate pushed away from the wall, even with the rug that keeps her crate in place moved. Poor Ms. M, being pushed around in her crate, it must have caused quite a shock, but we come home to find her hanging out as if nothing was wrong. Mr. B on the other hand, knew he did something wrong, because we find him hiding behind the tipped over toy bin curled up like a little puppy.


Kari in Alaska said...

oh he looks scared. Mesa was also a fan of the battering ram tactic. We actually had to use zip ties to keep her crate together. Luckily they no longer need to be crated while we are gone

pibble said...

My Border Collie was never a fan of crating, so I finally gave up.

It seems unfair to crate the others while he's lounging about, free as a bird, but after (literally) tearing crate bars apart - and this was not a cheap crate, he just turned into a loon when he was crated! - and damaging his teeth, I figured it was clear that he was not interested in being a jailbird.

And Mr. M looks like he knows he was a very bad boy! The cutie.

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