Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pooches: The Saga of Miss M and the Sofa

Miss M. just loves sleeping with pillows. And despite all the different pillows and beds we buy her, they just aren't good enough. Being a bully, she is always trying to get more. And this more includes something off limits: the sofa.
Since we lived in our old place, Miss M. always wanted to sleep on the sofa. She would never do it while I was home, but when I was gone she would sneak onto the sofa, and somehow make it back to her bed by the time I was actually in the door. The following is a reenactment of what I think happened.
She would sleep on the couch, but always with one eye open in case I came home:
She would hear my footsteps on the stairs:
Decide on her "usual plan":
Gracefully leap of the couch like a gazelle:
And pretend she had been sleeping in her bed the whole time:
She did leave behind telltale brindle hair, paw indentations, and mussed pillows, so I always knew she was on the couch.
Much like the roadrunner and coyote, I went to great lengths to try tricking her. I left a blanket on the sofa and slept underneath planning to jump up and scare her. She never came. I later found out while I spent the night on the sofa trying to trick her, Miss M. was cozily sleeping in my bed.
Since we've lived here Miss M. has been abiding by the rules...until recently. Miss M. is always in our room in the morning when we wake up, but we started finding the telltale brindle hair on the sofa. Somehow she was sneaking away in the middle of the night, sleeping on the couch, and returning before we woke up.
She likes using the sofa pillows as head pillows, so we even made a special trip to Ikea to get her some pillows. That worked for awhile, but within weeks the brindle hair was back on the sofa.
I read somewhere that if you want to keep cats off your sofa, you could put pieces of tin foil on the cushions. We decided to try it for Miss M. The first night we had the tin foil, I actually heard her leaving the room, her nails slowly clicking down the hall, then silence. A couple of minutes later I heard her clipping back to our bedroom; she had been foiled.The foil has been working for the last several weeks, but you never know what Miss M. is going to do next. She might just learn to use her claw for a hook and move the foil herself.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful! I stumbled across it last night and have fallen in love with Miss M and Mr B.

I have three rescue mixed-breeds myself and I so enjoy hearing about the adventures of your dogs!

kissa-bull said...

now mrs M make sure santa paws does not get a hold of the picture evidence ok? Mommish always tries to catch us when we throw our pooch parties but we can always sniff her around the corner and when she gets home we are in our beds being good can join us whenever you want cause your stealthy like ush
waggles and slobbers
the houston pittie pack

Kari in Alaska said...

ah my two sneak onto the sofa at night as well. Lately they have gotten lazy and when we are in another room they will hop on the sofa. Sometimes they don't even hop off and pretend they weren't there.

laura said...

Your pictures are so good, you almost don't need to narrate the story. Just priceless. I do think you should send the 'eyeball' picture to Pitter Patter though. I would love to see the caption they'd come up with.

Princess said...

I always say that if I were to leave Princess out in the entire condo, I think the only thing she would do would be to run around trying out all the furniture, the couch, the chair, the bed and so on. I have come home to find I didn't close the door to her room and she's greeting me at the door just on the carpet, but the couch was awful warm...

Dottie said...

This is such a cute story! And I though cats owned the patent on craftiness - obviously I've not been giving dogs their due.

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