Thursday, January 7, 2010

Schwang Manor: The Winterized Home

We weren't very happy to return from San Francisco to subzero temperatures; plus, there's a huge winter storm set to take over Chicago. Seeing as we could be snowed in for a bit, I've been adding things to keep our home warm and cozy. These Ikea Rens Sheepskin have been a favorite of the pooches. We also like how thick and warm they are, so we picked up some extras to texturize our chair and sofa. I like how they keep our home from looking too summery in the middle of winter.
Mr. B. nonchalantly modeling the sofa sheepskin:
While Miss M. is very protective of her special rug:
It's so cold that the thermostat is having problems keeping up. We picked up some flannel sheets from the Target Home Collection for only $15! They pill a bit, but they are super warm, and are nearly as comfortable as the expensive West Elm sheet set.
But the best part is the fire. We started a Sunday morning tradition of eating flights of grilled cheese with tomato soup and admiring a roaring fire, now it's fun to have it in the middle of the week.


Dexter said...

We have some super warm sheets from that store too. They pill a lot, but who cares? They are warm! I've never been able to find another set that is warm enough not to need socks. Even the guaranteed warmest ever from LLBean are not as good.

Mango Momma

Lindsay said...

That last picture with the dogs and the fire is so cozy! That's totally one of those serene scenes that I would have on my desktop at work for my "happy place."

laura said...

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is a favorite of mine but I'm embarrassed to say I've always stuck to the traditional kind (this will be changing). I think I know what we'll be having this weekend.
Mr.B. makes a dashing model.

Kari in Alaska said...

i do miss flannel sheets. there isn't much of a need here in CA!

pibble said...

Those grilled cheese sandwiches look yummy! Next to a nice fire, with a couple of pitties... Ah, heaven!

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