Monday, February 1, 2010

Pooches: Dog Dental Care

I had an emergency visit to the dentist the other day for what they thought was a root canal. I was lucky to escape dreaded surgery this time; however, the dentist did tell me that once you have a filling, it is inevitable that it will need to be replaced in the next 10-15 years. And to replace it, they need to keep drilling away at more tooth, so eventually root canals, and even teeth replacement, is inevitable. While I was cursing the Halloween candy of my youth, I was also wondering how these terrible tooth statistics bide for our pooches.
When we met Rocky, we thought he was a really young dog because his teeth were amazingly white.
His owner told us she brushed his teeth every day since he was a puppy. I was inspired to do the same with our pooches; I bought a little curved brush and peanut butter toothpaste. The pooches loved the toothpaste, but their gums were bleeding from the brushing. Then it was too difficult because they just started eating the brush. Knowing what can happen to us, even with brushing, has me worried. What do you do for your dogs' teeth?


Dexter said...

THis is a very timely post. My gums bleed when I chew stuff and momma is most worried. I went to the doggie dentist and he looked around in my mouth and said that I was OK.

I am supposed to get a rinse with some stuff but so far momma has not tried it because she is afraid it will make me grumpy.

We haven't tried the tooth brushing yet.


Rescued Pittie Family said...

I have thought about this too but how in the world do you brush your furkids teeth? I mean for real?
And mine would have a fit.
They act like I'm trying to kill them when I attempt to clip their toenails.
I just do not see that going well at my house at all.
What about those dental bones they sell?
Do those work?

Kari in Alaska said...

we have a tooth brush but have not yet used it. we always have the best intentions but are bad at the follow through

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

I was worried about my small dog so I have made sure to give him a small chew treat every day. I wasn't so worried about my "big" dog because I didn't think that big dog teeth were such a concern... Just went to the vet & the small guy has perfect teeth (very white, quite proud of myself) but the big girl needs some work. The vet told me to start massaging her gums for a couple seconds every day building up to however long it would take to brush. Then start putting the toothbrush in, again for a very short time (they need to have a good experience with this whole business or they won't go for it in the future). I've also started giving the big gal a chew treat a day & I have disgusting, raw "nuckle" things for them to chow down on every now and then. This is all various parts of the plan. I imagine I am going to end up with a lot of chewed up toothbrushes as well.

Uba said...

raw turkey necks once a week

kissa-bull said...

mmmm uba's suggerstion sure sounds like the logical one to moi

laura said...

Our Duncan eats raw only (meat, bones, etc...) and has very white teeth. Vet Tech Girl says to offer treats designed for teeth cleaning along with continued attempts at brushing. Start lightly because of the bleeding and also after a meal when they might be less inclined to eat the tooth brush.
You take such good care of your pitties, good luck.

Tee said...

I give the dogs a great big bone to gnaw ... apparently it's good for them toothies ... either that or those denta care bites.

Brushing their teeth is a little too much work. I've got NINE pups! And not everyone is that cooperative ... probably eat up the brush as your darling pitties have done ..


Luci's Mama said...

I brush my pittie's teeth every night or every other night. We use a rubber toothbrush that fits on my finger (used a regular dog toothbrush in the past, but I was worried about hurting the gums too). And with it being on my finger, I can really get to the back teeth well too!

Twisted Susan said...

Um, nothing?

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