Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pooches: Indecent Proposal

Since we own pitbulls, we have gotten to know all different kinds of people in the city. On the plus side, we get stopped by a lot of people who are curious about our dogs and usually want to know what breed they are. We love being able to show people how bullies can be amazing pets.
At the same time we often get stopped by some unsavory characters who have different ideas about our dogs. Several times we have been out walking when cars have flown into reverse and people have jumped out asking if we would breed with their dogs. Even the other day a teen offered E $50, cash, to buy Miss M. Of course we don't breed our dogs, and we do our best to explain how our dogs were overpopulated and ended up in the shelter about to be euthanized.
At the same time it's a bit unsettling to know that our pooches are in such demand. We don't like to let people know where we live because my biggest fear is that someone will try to break in and steal the pooches, and when they find out they can't be bred, and that they won't fight, they'll become bait dogs.
Is this a common fear with most dog owners? Or is this unique to pitbulls?


parlance said...

That's so sad, that you have to live with this fear. It makes me disappointed in our fellow humans.

I agree that you should take care never to head straight for home after and encounter like that. (But I'm a terrible worrier.)

Anonymous said...

Hi hi! I'm back! Yippee!

Well, my mom and dad have never gotten asked anything like THAT, thank dogness. But we have a lock on our back gate cuz mom kinda worries about me especially being stolen. But then, she's a worrier.

Oh! On another subject, my momma had a layover (whatever that is) in Chicago and said she thought, "wow, I'm in the city where Mr. B and Miss M live!"

Wiggles & Wags,

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way, and when I was living in a rougher part of town, it was even worse. My dogs get so much attention when we're out and about, I do worry someone will try to follow us home. I try to stay aware (for my own safety, too ... ) and as a rule, don't approach the house when others are around. It's still one of my worst fears, though.

Kate said...

I had no idea this happened to other people! We've definitely been asked if we would breed Melanie. We're always so stunned by it we can't even get out that breeding them would be irresponsible since so many are in shelters already - we usually say she was spayed a long time ago and walk away as fast as possible.

I've never worried that someone will actually break into our house to steal our dogs (although maybe I should), but I do worry that someone would take them from our yard if given the opportunity (and that they would become bait dogs or abandoned since they can't be bred). We wouldn't leave them unattended outside anyway, but this definitely increases the stakes.

Bonnie said...

ALWAYS make sure you make a point of saying your dogs are fixed when someone seems to be showing interest so they know they can't be bred. It really reduces the value for someone who might be looking for one to steal. This is good advice for owners of all dogs - not just us bully owners. If someone is suspicious I've even been known to throw in an expensive medical condition - no use stealing a dog that's on deaths door.

Mack and Mia said...

It's always better to be safe than sorry!

There are some really creepy and mean people in the world!

Stay safe!

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Anonymous said...

There are definitely some shady people out there. I'm glad you're so cautious...can't blame you.

brooke said...

Ugh. How unsettling!!
I want to go home and hug Darwin!
Give Ms M and Mr B a hug from us! No random breeding for them!

Breakfast With the Bennetts said...

oH NO!I hope that this would never happen!

This is something mom worries about with me because I will do anything for food but Boxen will not be nice to people he does not know if they come into our house and yard. Mom hopes this would scare people away. Mostly she worries that if anyone ever broke in they would hurt us so that they didn't have to deal with us.


Stay safe!

Boxer Love

Josie said...

Hi Pitties,

Well, considering how beautiful your puppies are, I can see why people would want to ask if they would be bred stock, but I feel the same way you do. I only have rescues. I do not tell people where I live. I even try to keep things pretty safe no matter where I am with my dogs or myself. It's just common sense, you know. Great photos BTW.

Much Love,
Josie and Mr. Blues, Jr.

Rescued Pittie Family said...

Oh no you are not alone.
We moved to our little HOA neighborhood for the safety of our dogs.
Our neighbor is a Metro Police officer and his car is always parked out front ;)
We have lots desperate housewives in our neighborhood.
Our privacy fence in our backyard has no gate to prevent anyone from coming in our backyard.
We had a Brinks alarm system installed for our dogs.
And then we have to good-ole-boy-I-will-shoot-your-a** if you come anywhere near my kids attitude to top it all off. ;)

What's really sad is that we're more protective of our dogs than most people are of their children.

We get the breeding question too about Haleigh and Greighson - people assume because we have a male and felmale they must be mating.

The world has a lot of evolving to do...

pibble said...

HUGE fear. But we've got Buster to protect the other dogs. :)

And whenever we adopt a Pit Bull to a newbie, we say over and over and over - make sure you NEVER leave her/him outside unattended. They'll be stolen in a flash.

These dogs are so nice, they don't know good people from bad, they just think people want to play!

kissa-bull said...

oh my goodness you've hit a major spot for me because i am overly paranoid about my pooches. even though we have a 6 foot fence that surrounds our home and i obsesivelly check it to make sure the pooches are not trying to dig a hole out or any loose boards i still cannot let them out to play in the yard with out me being nosy and watching out the window the whole time or else sitting out there with them. i am completely scared that they'll get out or someone will steal them. unfortunatley our neighborhood is not all that great and we see alot of people with pibbles just tied up outside or constantly having pups and it breaks my heart. i know if they were to get out i'd never see them again even with the microship. as resilient as they are i know it would just break them to not be able to sleep in a comfy bed next to me or be cool when its hot or warm when its cold out. its a constant fear of mine but thats whats kept my pooches safe with me for all these years and i will continue to be that vigilant as long as they remain with me

Anonymous said...

I get stopped all the time with people asking me what kind of dog my pittie mix is. I have never worried about someone taking him, but I do worry that if he were to ever get loose, people might be hesitant to help him because he's part pit. He's the sweetest dog, but people have pre-conceived notions about how he might act ( vicious). I'm sorry to hear that you worry about the safety of your dogs. That's not fun!

Anonymous said...

I get stopped all the time with people asking me what kind of dog my pittie mix is. I have never worried about someone taking him, but I do worry that if he were to ever get loose, people might be hesitant to help him because he's part pit. He's the sweetest dog, but people have pre-conceived notions about how he might act ( vicious). I'm sorry to hear that you worry about the safety of your dogs. That's not fun!

Kari in Alaska said...

we have the same experiences and fears

houndstooth said...

We've had offers for our dogs before, too, but the interest dies down when they find out they're spayed.

My big fear is people stealing our dogs and selling them for lab research. Apparently greyhounds are highly desirable there because they're so docile and are universal blood donors.

There's just a lot not right with the world.

Mack said...

Mainly the question my peeps get asked is " Why is your dog so tubby"... I am sure they are talking about Paris

Nicole said...

That has to be scary. My mom has a beagle and is afraid that someone will try to steal her if she gets left out in the backyard too long alone. I've had people offer to take my dog (super mutt) if I ever didn't want him anymore. No chance, folks!

the booker man said...

we have a 6 foot privacy fence in our backyard, but we still never leave booker and asa out there unattended. you just never know.
we've never been asked about breeding, thank goodness, but if we ever did, i would definitely be quick to say that both of our dogs are fixed.

the booker man and asa's mama

Luci's Mama said...

It's funny that you wrote this...just a few days ago (Tuesday), a man asked me if I'd be willing to sell Luci to him while we were running. Most likely to breed her, since that's what most people ask me to do (which is impossible anyways b/c she is spayed). I'm constantly anxious that someone is going to try to steal her from us or follow me home. It seems to be worse in our new neighborhood too. :*(

Dexter said...

That is really creepy. Those people are up to no good. They don't deserve doggies at all.


Courtney said...

I've had this happen to me when I was out walking my male Akita. Saying "no" didn't seem to phase them, so I started telling people that since we co-owned our dog with our breeder, I'd have to get her consent before anything like that could happen, which effectively got them to move along.

Kelly_g said...

My biggest fear is having my pitbull being stolen for dogfighting. It worrys me constantly so I completely understand your fear. However, I think I would be just as worried if I had a smaller dog, one who could possibly be used a as baitdog. Since we own pitbulls I think it's just something we think more often about than people who don't own pitbulls.

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