Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Favorite Things: Animal Rescue and Raffles

Update are so saddened to report that Shy unexpectedly died yesterday.
As Heather's fiance Kyle writes The details of what happened are unclear, but we know it was not from a lack of love and care from her new owners and online followers. Please keep her in your hearts, and know that she will always hold a part of ours. We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support that we received through this process. It reminds us of how truly generous strangers can be. Future posts will discuss what is to be done with the donated funds. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and know that Shy thanks you too.  We know so many of you have been touched by the Story of Shy, and we were so excited to have so many people work together to fund her cataract surgery.
So, we have an update, some good news, and some better news. We had written before about Shy: the sweet courageous, emaciated pit bull who was originally brought to the animal hospital to be euthanized. Seeing something special in her, the veterinarian asked the owners to relinquish her instead. Shy was diagnosed with diabetes and treated; however, since she was brought in so late, she developed cataracts and lost much of her vision. When we last wrote, we were looking for a foster or forever home for Shy, and we opened a Chipin page to raise money for a specialized surgery to restore Shy's vision. We were absolutely astonished by the generosity of the online community to help Shy in her plight.
 Since we last wrote, a sweet, young couple found out about Shy, and they adopted her two weeks after their first meeting. They renamed her Khloe, and she has become a loved member of their little family.
As a way to thank everyone for their generosity, and hopefully raise the final amount towards Shy's surgery (only 29%!), we have put together an online raffle that includes the "favorite things" we've showcased throughout this past week! Here is a recap of the prizes, with specific raffle directions at the end of the post.

"Specialized Prizes"--We were lucky enough to get some large ticket donations for the raffle. To increase the odds of everyone winning the prize they really want, each raffle ticket will be entered into 1 of the 'specialized prizes' drawings, and all of the 'Everyday dog' drawings. Specialized Prizes include:
 1) The Ruffwear Approach pack as modeled by Mr. B on our daily walks. We love how this backpack not only helps us carry dog groceries and farmer's market finds, but it can also be an amazing training tool and a way to way to tire your dog out on even the shortest walks. The winner of this drawing will indicate the specific size needed. Donated by Shy's new family.
 2) A DianaF+ Mini Lomography Camera with flash.We can't get enough pictures of our pooches, and we especially love this camera with it's serendipitous shots. I love seeing how our pooches would have looked circa 1972, and the artistic surprises we get with with light leaks and blurs. Scenery shots are especially fun and give a whole new tone to your vacation. It's cute enough to be its own accessory, and it takes regular 35 mm film. This camera is new in the box, unopened with plastic wrapping, and includes the flash. It retails for $105. Donated by Miss M and Mr. B.
3) A custom dog painting of your pooch on canvas. The talented Lauren of Kitty+Coco is donating her time to paint a custom portrait of your pooch. The portrait will be a 16x16 acrylic on canvas. The winner will need to send 2 clear photos (at least one close up) and choice of background color. There will be a 3 week turnaround time for completion and shipping. I love the Victorian element of having your pooch "sit for a painting", and I am still amazed how she captures each and every one of Coco's wrinkles.
P.S.If you are interested in Lauren's work, which would also make the most amazing gift, she will offer a special discount to anyone who orders a painting in reference to this post ($75 for a 12x12 with FREE shipping). Just click on contact and say "For Shy". A 4x5 mini pet portrait is $25 total with shipping Check out more of Lauren's work at her Etsy shop here. Donated by Lauren of Kitty+Coco.

Each ticket will be entered into your prize of choice above, as well as being eligible for all of the "Everyday Dog" prizes below:
 We had written about some of our favorite collar-makers, who are also involved in rescue efforts, and we are so delighted that they have donated collars for Shy's raffle.
1) Two winners will receive collars of choice from Sirus Republic. We love their array of colorful, stylish collars that have us thinking of spring. Plus, Sirus Republic will be donating  20% of the proceeds from sale of collars, leashes, and dog tags, and 10% of other items to Shy's surgery! Customers will need to enter the donation code "funds4shy" during checkout in the "Rescue Code" field.
 2)  One winner will receive a standard collar of choice from Silly Buddy. We are especially smitten with the tartan collars (and even in hot pink!).

3) One winner will receive a collar of choice from Pecan Pie Puppies. I'm loving these dainty special-occasion collars, but you really have to check out the site to see what they have for the male dogs.
4) One winner will receive a 6 month supply of flea/tick preventative for dogs or cats. Winners will need to indicate the weight of the animal to ensure the correct dosage. Donated by Shy's Animal Hospital
 5) One winner will receive a Saucony Backpack perfect for toting items while running, hiking, or just going on a picnic with your pooch. Donated by Vet School Drama Queen
Two winners will receive doggie care packages including jars of homemade dog biscuits complete with ribbon, recipe and and bone cookie-cutters. The biscuits are pumpkin-peanutbutter and cheddar-flavored and donated by cooking guru Trissi.

Update--We are so excited to have reached our surgery goal of $2,000! Thank you so much to everyone for their generosity and for taking a chance on Shy/Khloe! Since we stated the raffle will be open for 2 weeks, we will keep the raffle open until the end of this week. Funds donated at this time will be used for unanticipated surgery costs (since surgery quotes are never certain), and any donations beyond the surgery amount will be donated to an animal-related charity. Thank you again!

 This is our first time doing this.We really want to thank everyone who has donated to help Shy, and we are still amazed by the generosity of this online community. Below are some of the technicalities. We want to make this a fair and positive experience for everyone, but if there is something we happen to have overlooked, please do let us know.
-Each $10 donation will count as one raffle ticket.
-When donations are made on the chipin page, please indicate in the comments which "Specialized Prize" you would like to put your ticket in. (Dog Backpack, Lomography Camera, or Custom Dog Painting)
-Heather will be contacting previous donors to see which "Specialized Prize" you are interested in
-All tickets will automatically be entered into all the "Everyday Dog" prizes in addition to your "Specialized Prize". If you buy multiple tickets, you will be entered multiple times to increase your chances of winning.
-"Everyday Dog" prizes are chosen at random. Unfortunately, you cannot select which of the prizes within the "Everyday Dog" category you would prefer.
-The raffle will be open for 2 weeks--until March 26.
-Winners will be chosen at random through an online random number generator that Heather will coordinate.
-When winners are notified, we will coordinate the information and shipment of your prize.
-Shipping only within US and Canada
-For specific questions, please contact Heather here: hprochnow at 
You can donate by clicking on our sidebar, or by clicking here.
Again, we want to thank everyone for your amazing support and generosity. We are still humbled seeing the amount of people who have come together to support Shy to give her a chance for a happy life.


Alison said...

Wonderful idea! I just donated/ bought a ticket to win! I really hope Winne Cooper wins the pet portrait! Paws are crossed!

Unknown said...

We are so happy for Shy/Khloe!

jen said...

What wonderful news about Shy/Khloe!

Good luck with the raffle, it sounds wonderful!

saratogajean said...

What a great idea, guys! I know this can be a success, and I'm so happy for Shy/Khloe.

I'm spreading the word on Facebook!

The Daily Pip said...

How wonderful that you are doing this! I am headed to donate now!

Your pal, Pip

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

soooo excited for Shy/Khloe and cannot wait to get our ticket!

Anonymous said...

Incredible. You have brought tears to my eyes this morning with this announcement. Your generosity and creativity are a true gift in this world. Thanks for being an inspiration.


The Daily Pip said...

We just donated, but didn't see any place to note what prize we would be interested in. We would be interested in the portrait OR the collar with the felt flower.


Kate said...

Just shared on Facebook. Hope you hit your goal soon!!

Kimmy B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimmy B said...

Just saw that the place to enter what you would like is after you donate :) Really great idea, I hope our pittie wins the backpack, she could really use it! And you all rock for helping this beautiful girl!

Trissi_V said...

Well, I donated early on...but I would like to help out some more. Do you need any help with the everyday prizes? Homemade sugar cookies, biscochitos, cheese crackers (I bake, its my secret super power). I could mail the winner copious amounts of bake goods for their raffle prize.

I would really like to help out with this raffle if I can. You can email my profile or leave a comment on blog my if you want to take me up on the offer. :-)

Barbara said...

Hi! I'm an idiot and didn't put a note in. I donated and would like to be put in for the camera!!

Best of luck to Khloe!

Amy said...

I just bought a ticket to win. Buster is really hoping to win that backpack! Best of luck to Khloe.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Awesome, we are so happee to hear about Shy. she looks great. great idea...lets see we want a ticket
Benny & Lily

G.E. said...

I am SOOOO happy that Khloe has found a forever home! Such wonderful news. Hopefully, her surgery costs will soon be covered and she can continue on with her new family for a very long time.

Brenda said...

What wonderful news on a day filled with tragic news. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all your work on behalf of animals in need.

Two French Bulldogs said...

ok we just bought a ticket through Chipin/Paypal for the custom dog painting
Thank you
Benny & Lily

Bobby said...

We are so pleased to hear Shy has a new home. It is great when it works out well for a dog.
Good luck with the raffle we hope you get all you need and more, they are good prizes.
Licks Bobby

lindsay said...

Thank you so much for caring about this little pup and for putting this raffle together! You guys are awesome!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic way to give back! You guys are so very thoughtful. I hope one day the hubs and I are able to at least foster a pittie pooch!

Kim said...

When I'm clicking the chipin link, I'm just getting a PayPal error page. I don't know if it's just me, but you may want to check on that.

A Confessed Pit Bull Addict said...

Fantastic idea! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

HoundDogMom said...

Howdy, we sent you an email for an idea we have. Can you let us know your thoughts. Sniffs, Cleo

Anonymous said...

Such happy news...Shy is lucky to have a new family who loves her, and her family is just as lucky to be loved by Shy!

houndstooth said...

I definitely know that the online community is wonderfully supportive and generous! It's such good news to hear that Khloe has a new home -- and so close to us! I wonder if we'll ever be lucky enough to run into her somewhere. That would really be amazing.

Kudos to you for organizing such a wonderful effort to help her!

HoundDogMom said...

I emailed you about something I am placing on my blog about Shy. I hope you don't mind. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

She Who Loves Book and Dogs said...

We just joined your blog after participating in the blog hop today! Please join mine too and check out Suzy my rescue pittie. She is so funny and we love her so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Great news about Shy now Khloe :D I just luv happy endings :) Excellante prizes you're rafflin! I'm bettin Khloe will be gettin that eye surgery very soon! :D

Waggin at ya,

Road Dog Tales said...

We're SO happy to read that Shy/Khloe has a new furever family and that she's on her way to a wonderful life! Thanks to folks like you and Heather! These raffle prizes are great! How will we decide???

Good going you guys!

The Road Dogs

In Black and White said...

Great news and a great idea! Me and Billy are crossing paws for a doggy backpack...

Daisy Dog said...

I just bought 3 tickets!! We are thrilled she has a home :)

Olivia said...

I bought one ticket (so far anyway. I'll probably talk myself into more!) I will enter for the Ruffwear pack!

ForPetsSake said...

What a wonderful raffle with a great cause! I think I may have rounded out the last bit with my donation. Feels good to do good! Thanks for the opportunity and the generous raffle contributions. I can't wait to hear about Khloe's surgery and recovery!

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